Form W-2/SSN Data Theft: Data for Corporations and Payroll Service Providers


As the technology is getting advance day by day. In this modern era, the Internal Revenue Service, state tax counterparts, and the tax industry have been trying to stay as protected as possible. While they have remained to reference more information to impersonate real taxpayers and submit fraudulent returns for a refund.


According to the recent data, a very harmful and predominantly serious scam is being circulated via email. While this scam is using a higher standard of various techniques to make it look very official. Now the cybercriminals disguise an email message to give the impression as if it is an organization executive. They have been sending the email to the following departments such as an employee in the payroll or human resources department. The basic demand of the email is requesting a list of all employees and their W-2 insatiable. This scam is sometimes referred to as email hacking (BEC) or business email hacking (BES).

Now, this is quite dangerous and very private data might be hacked and is at high risk. Just in case IRS has created the boulevards for all the business and payroll service providers that if they get any email regarding this subject. They easily sent a complaint and report it a scam by following this method of.

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How to Lose Business Address Data in the Name of W-2 Scam

After a loss, these procedures help protect your workers from migration issues. Comprise ways to contact the IRS* regarding the loss of a W-2

What you can do is you can send an instant email to this mentioned email [email protected] to notify the IRS of your W-2 data. Don’t forget to provide your contact information below so we can contact you. In the subject line, type “W2 Data Loss” e-mail can be routed correctly. Do not attach any personal data to employees.

  • Trade Name
  • Employer Identification Number (EIN) associated with data loss
  • Contact name
  • Contact phone number
  • Summary of how data is lost
  • The size of the staff is affected

* US taxes do not pledge contact with taxpayers via email messages or social media stations for a personal or financial request. Any communication from the IRS writes to an interaction initiated by you. When new members do charity work, please reorganize the attractions on the websites.

How to lose the privileged data of government tax agencies

Any character breach may have an influence on the victim’s US financial statement as well as US taxes. An email should be sent to the Tax Administrators Grouping at [email protected] for information on victim information to be sent to the United States.

How to lose data from losing more information about the Arab world

  • Payroll Services Submit a complaint to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3)
  • Providing business services/garage statements Submitting a report to the local council

What to tell your employees about missing Form W-2 data

Another hack which the cybercriminals who efficaciously steal a W-2 proximately attempt to monetize their thefts. Criminals may effort to file fraudulent tax returns demanding a refund. Or they may sell the data on others’ social networks. Here are some outstanding posts with your employees:

  • See the taxpayer’s guide to identity theft
  • Publication of IRS Publication 5027 PDF, Identity Theft Information for Taxpayers, with Employees and Directing them to “Identity Theft Offenses”
  • Local flavours “scam alert” on their account; They think of the “silk” mode which provided more protection.
  • I regretted a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission, the federal agency, and therefore, in identity theft cases.
  • See FTC Information for steps to recover from identity theft.
  • The FTC also provides services on how to report an incident to employees and what steps companies may explain. See Responding to a Data Breach: A Guide to Business.
  • Share IRS Publication 4524 PDF, Taxpayer Security Awareness, with your employees

How to Receive a Spoofed W-2 Email Address

If your business receives the email but has not fallen victim to phishing, forward the email to the IRS. The IRS website to the export email header for investigation, which means you should do more than simply forward the email to [email protected] W-2 Electronic Library:

  • Email headers must be provided in plain ASCII text. Do not print and scan
  • Save the scam email message as an email file on your computer desktop
  • Open the email and attach the phishing email file you saved in its place
  • Send your email containing the phishing email file attached to [email protected] Subject line: w2 cheat. Do not attach any sensitive data such as employee SSNs or W-2s.

I regret a complaint to the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3,), which is operated by the FBI.

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