Free Covid-19 testing Event Turned Into An Unsuccessful One At Memphis


Memphis Saturday morning turned good intentions into a mess. This happened in the Kroger where
the company intended to award people with gift cards and free COVID-19 tests. But the thing that
happened left a lot of people frustrated and many returns gaining nothing.


St. Joseph Catholic Church, Neely Road witnessed a long line containing hundreds of people in a
queue and the wait wasn’t purposeful for them.

According to a customer Florene Williams, she said that she arrived at 3:30 am which was 6 hours
before the event starting time, and over there, I found a huge line. I arrived so early that I will be the
first one over there but to my fortune, many were waiting before me.

Adding more in it she further stated that it was just a mess and almost everyone was fighting on
everything. She further explained the situation that people came so early that it was almost
impossible for the work to manage the things and due to this factor customers got upset.

Williams said that it all happened just because of bad planning and management that everything
went in wrong. If each of the people remained in line, then the situation would be somewhat
different as we were guided to all those who showed up early must be served on the priority.

The Shelby County Health Department and Shelby County Division was set up for the free COVID-19
testing event. It was expected that we get a huge amount of turnout, but things went against the

Kelly Sealy stated that things went out of their hands as people were getting out of their cars and it
was understandable that what we should do next? Either we keep in mind the guidelines and try to
make a line and guide people to stay calm and remain in their cars. As it was said that people who
are out of their car and are in-line will not be served.
Unfortunately, there were only 150 tests and 150 gift cards. The Kroger said that each card was
worth $125 which will help the people to stay at home in this quarantine.
Moreover, the company further announced that these gift cards and free COVID-19 testing events
will last for the next two more Saturdays and they hope that organizers will make some great
arrangements for many smooth outcomes.

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