From Facebook to Reddit, how Silicon Valley payroll adjustments can redefine remote worker earnings


Working remotely? Or working from the office? The thing to start working from the home due to health safety? If yes, then here are a few things which you should consider before moving away from the head offices reach. As few apprehensions which showed how to adjust the payment or not to modify the payment? This is the question that employers ask as they rethink their compensation strategies in response to the new era of telecommuting.


According to the current statement by the leading and known social media site, Reddit, last week became the latest in a series of tech companies taking a decisive stance on the issue, announcing that they would not cut the salaries of their 600 American employees regardless of where in the country they choose to live in the pandemic and can work from the comfort of home.

Furthermore, the call dissimilarities with Facebook and Twitter calls, which have said they will cut salaries for employees who choose to move away from their head offices in the expensive San Francisco Bay Area. Payments platform Stripe said it will give employees $20,000 to help move costs, but then cut wages by 10%. Meanwhile, software maker VMWare said it may cut salaries for transferred employees by up to 18%. This decision made the employee concern full and this has flickered an argument over whether these moves will set a precedent for how future salaries are determined, and what that could mean for employees working in different industries and locations. 

Officials by the representative David Lawis of operations ins said that “Covid-19 is a game-changer in the workplace,” it is quite important to follow the safety measures and “Being able to work from home is going to be … a huge competitive issue, and compensation is part of that.”

While Experts noted that international employers have not yet issued these salary adjustment announcements. In fact, Willis Towers Watson, in its latest payroll report, found that employers in the Asia-Pacific region are more likely to have a pay and bonus freeze this year. However, the changing landscape poses new challenges and opportunities for both employers and field employees.

Now, the concern is that the companies will need to re-consider how existing employment contracts view the compensation changes and restrictions they may face.  Those who see fit to adjust salaries should inform those affected as soon as possible and confirm any written changes – ideally with an updated employment contract. Now, if you are planning to switch or moving to another place to work please do talk to your management and discuss the concerns on the pay scale. Let us know what are your thoughts on it? Comment below!

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