Ghost Kitchens And The Reason Kroger is Gambling On Them



The ghost Kitchen industry is a big industry that is only expected to get even bigger in the upcoming days. Most people are a part of the ghost kitchen without even realizing it. This is because people don’t understand what a ghost kitchen is.


A ghost kitchen prepares food to be delivered to a consumer on the behalf of a restaurant. Your order which is placed online is sent to off-site chefs which are then delivered at your doorsteps. These are sometimes also referred to as dark kitchens or virtual restaurants as they don’t provide any sit-down for their customers. Their customers include the other actual restaurants.


With the increasing effectiveness of ghost kitchens worldwide it isn’t hard to understand why the big companies are getting into the act. Similarly, Kroger like any other of its competitor is getting into the game. Kroger announced to operate two ghost kitchens allocating about 1000 square feet for the cause. The location of these two kitchens is revealed to be Indiana and Ohio. ClusterTruck will offer assistance to Kroger as their delivery-only restaurant operator. This provides Kroger with valuable software and experience and facilitates them in making their task easier.

The advantage of a ghost restaurant kitchen over other restaurants is that they provide 100% area for working as compared to other restaurants which require sitting arrangements and facilities for their customers. Another added bonus is that it can reach to areas where serving or establishing a restaurant will be harder or impossible.

Kroger hopes to add a new potential new revenue system by introducing new concepts to the already existing idea of ghost kitchens.

The coronavirus pandemic has increased the demand for ghost kitchens and their services. This provided a huge increase in the value of this business and attracted big firms and companies towards it. According to Yelp, an increase of around 10 times was observed on takeout since March. However, some of the customers will return to their original way of outing and eating at restaurants whereas some people will still encourage the idea of takeaways and eating while being comfortable at their houses. Therefore, an increase in demand is expected foretelling the business to be a worthwhile investment.