Goderich McDonalds raises over $3,000 for Alzheimer’s Society Huron County


Challenges are faced by people living with Alzheimer’s disease every day. And due to Covid-19, these challenges became more critical this year and it is very important to raise the funds and awareness for these patients to provide support to the programs locally.


Mcdonald’s team lead by Rob Reid raised funds for the Alzheimer Society of Huron County (ASHC) on Sept 21. The amount collected had a sum of $3568 from the purchase of Mccafe beverages at the store of Mcdonalds located in Exeter, Goderich, and Wingham, all the amounts were donated to ASHC.

Alzheimer’s Society of Huron County’s work is critical and help is critically needed for them to operate. The patients due to Covid19 experiencing more isolation as they were living in the isolation on normal days. ASHC is not a profitable organization and is supported by caring friends who do support everything done by them.

A team of people required for the patients of Alzheimer’s or dementia. ASHC always there to help. By the steps like a coffee day at Mcdonalds are considered very good as they provide the opportunity to spread awareness and help strengthen the community.

From the campaigns like coffee day funds are raised for the people suffering from Alzheimer’s or other dementias.

A new telecare program has been set to assist the people suffering from these diseases to help them increase social involvement and increased engagement, this will give them benefit by increased social contact over the phone.

Tele programs like these by ASHC is based on making friendly calls from trained volunteers on pre-decided time, the program also provides care partners for individuals in the community living with dementia.

The volunteers will get to know the people with the disease their dislikes, likes, history to plan activities that would be beneficial for them and abilities and guide conversations.

Conditions for these patients as they were living in isolation before, now have intensified due to the virus.

Virtual visiting is a concept which can be done over the phone is very different from in-person visiting, volunteers would be trained to make plans for the activities to conduct over the phone.

The prime focus of the phone call is to engage the patient suffering from dementia in a conversation that would benefit the patient as due to the virus’s social connection of the patients were restricted.

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