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  1. Hello I am a former employee of the smiths in Reno located on south meadows parkway and I am trying to obtain my 2019 & 2020 w2 forms to file my taxes if possible please reply to this email with a copy
    Of both w2 forms thank you !
    -Giovanna Flores

  2. We have been loyal Kroger customers for many years, at the Kroger store on E. College Avenue in Normal, IL. We would like to urge you to follow the example of Home Depot, Lowe’s, True Value, and Ace Hardware and act now to eliminate from your supply chain all products raised using neonicitinoids, chlorpyrifos, and glyphosates. These herbicides and insecticides are killing our honeybees and are native bees as well. We literally cannot survive without insects to pollinate our plants, so that they can set the fruit and vegetables which we eat.

    Please help us in furthering sustainable agriculture, so that we can shop at your grocery stores with the confidence that the foods we are buying were raised without killing our indispensable pollinators.

    We would appreciate hearing back from a representative who can tell us what Kroger is doing to further environmentally responsible agriculture.

  3. My W-2s from the year that I worked back in 2017-2018

    Thank you for your time, consideration and your help as well. I didn’t get paper forms for the W-2s to have to keep at home.

    Thank you again. Have a wonderful day.

    Sierra Bowman

  4. My name is Gloria Hernandez, I worked at the Green Mountain King Soopers 12043 W Alameda Pkwy in Lakewood CO from the beginning of 2020 until the beginning of March 2020. I haven’t received my W2 because it may have been sent to an old address. I have since had to relocate from Colorado to Nebraska. I don’t remember my login info for the express. If someone can help me I would really appreciate it.

  5. Hello,
    I am no longer employed with your company, however, I do need to receive my w-2s. How do I go about that process? Thank you for your time and help.

  6. Hello my names Jamisha Augustine i no longer work for kroger just needed help receiving my w2 form. If any way you can help me ill appreciate it

  7. Hello,
    Inquiring about getting a replacement W2 form from tax year 2019 . How do I go about getting that form?
    Thank you

  8. Can’t log in. Now it says too many tries and to contact Security Administrator or Help Desk. How do I do that…have no idea how to contact either of those!


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