Login To GreatPeople.me Kroger Employee Login Portal


Greatpeople.me is the official Kroger Employee login portal and this portal was launched by Kroger Inc. Greatpeople Me is the online Kroger Employee Website/Login Portal where they can get latest information about the company and their employment details with a single click.

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Employees can access the official Kroger www.greatpeople.me employee portal and you can open open this portal on your mobile device also.

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By accessing online Greatpeople.me, employees can read the latest updates on Employment News, Schedules, upcoming company events and the new policies. In short, you name a feature in Greatpeople.me and Kroger Company has this.

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Greatpeople.me FAQ’s

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Let’s now talk about Kroger. Famous grocery store was started in 1883 and it was founded by Bernard Kroger. Kroger is now 2nd Largest retailer supermarket. The reason why Kroger Store is loved by customers is they offer a Customer Satisfaction Survey named as KrogerFeedback Survey and they reward winning customers a chance to Win 50 Fuel Points as well as $5000 Gift Card also.


Please note that “Express HR and Greatpeople.me” both are made for Kroger Employees to facilitate them. Employees can access Greatpeople and Express HR to see the benefits and other stuff related to their job status and other pay benefits etc.

Well, if you want to enroll yourself in Kroger Store or any of their departments then you need to visit Kroger ExpressHR where they posts jobs and vacancies on daily basis. If you want to know and check your employment details and other stuff related to working then Greatpeople.me is the target you need to visit.


What is Kroger Greatpeople.me Login?

Greatpeople.me is for employees and it is the most secure online employee web portal made for Kroger Working Staff. Moreover you can see and read the latest information about the company and also the upcoming trends at Kroger. Sounds interesting!

Greatpeople.me is one of the best and easiest way where employees can get the latest updated regarding the company as well as their employee details. Well, what you need to access Kroger Express HR as well as Great people.me online portal, you need an enterprise ID and a password. No problem if you are from Kroger Store or Fred Meyer or Dillon’s stores, you can access the online Greatpeople.me portal which is really a user friendly online portal.


Steps to access Greatpeople.me Login Portal for Employees

  • Please read the steps given below if you want to access greatpeople.me Kroger Login portal.
  • To access Great People Portal you must have a valid enterprise ID and Password to access your Greatpeople.me account.
  • If you dont’ have the ID and a valid password then you cannot access greatpeople login portal.
  • If you cannot find your enterprise ID or Password then you can contact nearest Kroger Store Manager.
  • You can visit the official login portal here which is great people Kroger portal or you can just copy this URL in your browser which is www.greatpeople.me
  • Now perform a single sign-in to your Greatpeople.me account with your ID as well as password.
  • When you successfully enters your ID and Password, you will see a dashboard of your Kroger Great People Portal Account online.

What to do after Signing in at Great People.me Login Kroger Portal Online?

You can do the below steps after opening your great people me portal Kroger and the steps are as follows:

  • You can check your work schedule on your dashboard.
  • Get information about the latest products as well as the discounts.
  • Apply for any vacations you need in Kroger Great People Portal.
  • Get information related to JOB openings which can be notified using Kroger Express HR.
  • Keep in touch with the latest Kroger happenings.

How to recover ID and Password at Greatpeople Me Login Portal?

If you forgot your Greatpeople.me login credentails whether it can be your ID or Password, you can recover easily. Just follow the steps below.

  • Open the login page of Kroger Greatpeople.me Portal, you see an option saying recover password or user id.
  • Just click on the credential you want to recover and fill the details.
  • You need to contact official kroger Store Feedback and admin staff which will help you in recovering your password or user id.
  • In order to recover the password, please open www.ess.kroger.com/ppl/ and follow the steps.

Ending Notes:

We hope you find the queries related to Login guide of Greatpeople.me, Recover password using online Kroger Great People Me Portal, How to see the latest happenings at ExpressHR Kroger, Recover password using ess.Kroger.com