Greystone Mansion and Park


Greystone Mansion is known as one of the leading Mansion found in Beverly Hills, United States. This Mansion is built on 13 acre land and its construction began in 1926.


It took about 3 years to complete the Mansion’s building. This land was a gift from Oil Tycoon Edward L, Doheny to his son, Edward “Ned” Doheny, Jr. and to his family.

After the purchase of the Mansion by City of Beverly Hills in 1965, the estate   became a city park in 1971 and it was later added to National Register of Historic places in 1976 as Doheny Estate and Greystone.

Greystone Mansion and Park

The Mansion was also used as a platform for film making like Batman and Robin, The Cabin Boy a 1994 film, not only this but the Mansion was also utilized for making television production. The Mansion is also used as a set for different shows such as “The Manor” which is written by Katharine Bates and it was directed by Beverly Olevin and it was produced by 40 theaters of Beverly Hills. The show was presented in different rooms of the Mansion for the audience. The Manor show is presented each year since 2002 till 2020, showing this performance continuously for so many years, ranks it the longest performed play in Los Angeles.

Moreover, Greystone is situated near the “The Annual Hollywood Ball”. Here hundreds of celebrities come each year for a majestic fashion show, for formal dinners and auctions to raise funds for the charity and celebrities by performing various shows for the guests.

The mansion’s interior has 55 rooms, each one of these with unique designs.  It has polished floors, several windows and vast doors.  The ceilings of the Mansion are a work of art. Each of the work done here is elegant and stunning to watch.

Since 2002 the city of Beverly Hills has preserved a website for Greystone Mansion Park keeping the audience connected through the internet. Over a period of time Greystone Mansion was developed as a Public Park for everyone. This land is so immense that it is also used for special events like Beverly Hills Flower and Garden Festival.

The Mansion plays host each year to the Catskills West. They present theater arts and drama camp which is run by Beverly Hills Park and Recreation starting from mid-June till early August. The camp presents about different plays in pool side, two times in summers.

This park is open from 10am – 5pm every day. It takes about an hour to see this attractive Mansion and the Park. There is no ticket for entering the park and no payment for any membership. Tourists can walk freely to look over the beauty of the Mansion except for the interior as the Mansion is closed and is opened only for the events.

Two hours park rangers tours of the Mansion are held on the first Saturday of the month of January through April as well as the first Sunday during March and April. For tourists, it costs $20 for each person. The parking here is free for the visitors. This place is well known because of its artistic events and performances. This place is surely one to visit as this place is charming beyond imagination.