Grocery giants like Kroger are reluctant to pay employees risk wages

Even when they do stab at times to do something right, they tend to get everything wrong. Yup! We are talking about Kroger, who have decided not to increase the hourly wages for their workers.

Grocery giants like Kroger are reluctant to pay employees risk wages

Now, for example, while some large corporations like Kroger rushed their PR campaigns at the start of the pandemic, loudly declaring the “all in all together” solidarity with their workers, most of them calmly and swiftly resumed the pre-pandemic policy of separating their rich wealth from the luxury of their workforce.

Now, back in the March, as the pandemic spread across America, Kroger honchos publicly praised grocery workers for staying at work, despite the health risks. They ran national television ads announcing a two-dollar pay raise for employees, calling it a “Champions Reward.” Nice! But after only six weeks – shhhhh – the honorable reward was killed, even as the virus spread. not nice. More recently, the chain shuttered two Southern California stores altogether rather than paying local risk wages to their frontline workers. Well, you might think the economy was collapsing, so maybe the employers should have cheated barely.

Furthermore, Grocery sales and profits boomed under the pandemic. As the survey’s Popular Information newsletter now reports, Kroger’s earnings have increased $ 1.2 billion since the illness spiked last year. Where did that boom go? For executives and shareholders, we wonder? Last September, Kroger spent $ 1 billion on a stock buyback program – a corporate gouging scheme that artificially raises stock prices, enriching the handful of already rich investors and executives who own the most shares. Plus, do you have any idea how much does the Kroger CEO Rodney McMullen’s last annual salary? it was $ 21,129,648 per annual. And unlike typical Kroger workers who earn only $ 27,000 a year, McCullen is not on the front line and is putting his life in danger.

However, those at the head of America’s financial heap wonder why working families are writing the word “boss” backwards: Double-SOB. Workforces have been suffering a lot due to this reason and covid-19 have already made much tough! Have you experienced or want to share your views on this? We would love to hear from your side, comment in the section below!

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