Gunman Opens Fire at McDonald’s Drive-Thru in Dispute Over Change, Police Say


Police said a man opened fire at a Mcdonald’s drive-thru over a disagreement regarding the discounts.


At around 9 p.m. the incident occurred at the fast-food outlet in Shields and Brawley avenues in Fresno California.

The police reported he was at the drive-thru of the fast-food outlet, where he argued for the change.

The man fires some rounds in the air at the drive-thru after that he went to the nearby liquor store where he also fired rounds before entering an apartment around half a mile away, the local media reported.

Only the dresser inside the building was hit, and nobody was reported to have injured.

Reporters are unable to name the shooter and at this point in time, it is unclear about the charges he is going to face.

Different reporters have contacted the police and they are unable to get any response back from the police.

The shooting is a very big offense reported in the days of Covid-19.

Newsweek also reported two weeks ago that police are looking up for the person who fired shots at KFC drive-thru in Tennessee after being given the wrong food.

A grey Freightliner semi-truck was pulled at the KFC in 6262 Winchester, in Memphis outlet drive-thru window on October 10. The detective said.

He took the order and went away, after some time he came back and said that he received the wrong order.

The cashier returned him the money then he left by firing shots at the building, the police added.

The bullets shattered the glass and damaged some walls but luckily no one was injured.

Newsweek reported that in one video a mother went angry because his son was not given ketchup.

In Belgium, the woman was filmed getting mad at the staff of McDonald’s in berlin.

In the clip, the woman goes to the counter and started to shout at the staff, that her son is deprived of the sauce, in berlin people call ketchup the sauce.

The people sitting in the car filmed the incident, that how a woman going crazy just because of a sauce.

The woman said at the counter,” give me my sauce my children don’t eat chips without the sauce”.

She also used bad words and extremely abusive language with the staff, over an argument only just for a sauce.

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