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Harris Teeter, a wholly owned company of Kroger Co., employs nearly 30,000 employees at its stores in North Carolina and Columbia District, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Maryland, Delaware, and Florida. Kroger, originally from Cincinnati, is No. 4 on Progressive Grocer’s 2018 Super 50 list of the top retail companies in the United States.

Harris Teeter, the southeastern regional grocer, has unanimously extended the Fuel Points system, which is focused on customer loyalty fuel rewards program and has included BP and Amoco gasoline stations.

All the Harris Teeter customers in the seven states and Washington, D.C., are finally in a position to save some cash on fuel at BP and Amoco stations and also at Harris Teeter Fuel Stations.

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Each 1000 fuel points you redeem at the Harris Teeter Fuel Station and BP and Amoco stations can save the customer up to 1 USD per gallon of fuel. Each $100 or more a customer spends at Harris Teeter while using their VIC card can save 10 cents each gallon on the power.

While shopping at Harris Teeter, Fuel Points can also be won in the following order with a registered VIC card:

  • Customers will receive one fuel point per each $1 spent on the qualifying purchase of grocery items.
  • Customers will receive twice the fuel points when purchasing qualifying retailer gift cards worth $25, equivalent to 50 points.
  • For every purchase of a non-federally funded prescription, customers can win 50 fuel points.

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Customers can earn up to $1 off a gallon of fuel through 100 fuel points. For example, a 200-point in the shopper’s card can get 20 cents off a gallon, 300 points for 30 cents off, and so forth.

The cost savings in the fuel pump are confined to one transaction for up to 35 gallons of fuel in Harris Teeter Fuel Center and Amoco stations when the customer registers a VIC card alternate ID which usually is a telephone number On receipt, online, or through the HT mobile app, customers can keep a check on the fuel points account.

How can you redeem fuel points at Harris Teeter?

Step 1:

  • Swipe or insert your VIC card or upload your alternate ID

Step 2:

  • You can then select how you would prefer to use your points. For example, if you have 800 fuel points, you can receive $.80 off per gallon.   Click “1” to utilize all the fuel points.
  • If only a specific portion of your points is to be used, choose Option 2 for changing the number of issues. Enter the discounted amount ranging from $.10 to the total amount of fuel points available. For instance, if the present reward is $.10-$.80, and you add in “40”, you will receive a $.40 discount over the fuel.
  • If, for a later transaction, you need to save the fuel points, choose option three so that you proceed without redeeming the fuel points. You will get a regular $.03 per gallon of VIC discount.

Step 3:

  • Add in the payment, hold the nozzle, and choose the gas grade.

How to stack up the savings for fuel points?

A few people try hard to guarantee that they can get as much gas as could reasonably be expected, with each top-off as a method of boosting their fuel points. In any case, it’s anything but easier to stack saving at the supermarket:

  • Coupons: This is the conspicuous one. Perceptibly, you can effortlessly lessen your grocery bill by consuming coupons.
  • Credit card: Use the best credit card for procuring points/money back. For instance, the American Express Blue Cash Preferred card has proposed a 6% money back at supermarkets. The American Express Hilton Honors cards offer 6 points over a dollar. With the Fair Trading Price of Hilton points on .48 cents, I esteem this as around a 3% discount. Noticeably, you can similarly consume a 5X everywhere trick for receiving 5 Ultimate Rewards points per dollar. With the Fair Trading Price of Ultimate Rewards points at 1.31 cents, I esteem this as a 6% refund (after reducing the discount percentage to represent the expenditure of refill cards).
  • Purchase gift vouchers: Since gift voucher purchases come with additional points, it merits discovering gift vouchers you’re convinced to use at different vendors. For instance, purchase Shell gift vouchers to augment your credit card and fuel points formerly heading for the fuel station. An added advantage is that a few service stations that confine you to paying in real money will give you discount limits for paying with a gift voucher! Note that at times you should pay inside to get the discount.
  • Gift voucher promotions: Often, supermarkets will run promotions where gift vouchers can earn fuel points four times instead of two times. For a 15-gallon fill-up, this is almost a 6% discount when purchasing gift vouchers! Then again, they’ll give $5 off over $50 for specific gift vouchers. That may not seem like a lot. However, it’s a 10% discount! Stack up the gift vouchers (that you’ll use) during these promotional periods.

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