Health Care Services Good Or Bad At Walmart and Walgreens?


Health care services are being offered by retail companies like Walmart, Walgreens, and CVS at their location and online as well.


On Oct 8 Chief innovation officer Ashish Artreja and CFO of Baptist Health organization Pamela Gallagher were asked if health care services at these companies are good for health or not. According to Ashish Artreja, he feels good for healthcare and it is the organization’s perspective if it’s good or bad. According to him, this is a good trend for the organization to have a health care system. The retail clinic has bigger chances to take advantage of consumer demands for health services. Dr. Artreja also said that it would be great for innovative health organizations to provide healthcare facilities within the company.

Ms. Gallagher agreed with Dr. Artreja and added that it will provide better facilities to rural areas than health centers. She also said that they will still need hospitals but these retail clinics will help them with disease control. She added that she would like to see more partnerships so that they can provide cheaper health care services.

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