Hear System of a Down’s First New Music in 15 Years, ‘Protect the Land’ and ‘Genocidal Humanoidz’


With Azerbaijan waging war against the homeland of the band members’ ancestors, the group decided to strike back and use its music to raise funds for its countrymen


System of A Down has recorded new music after a tenure of 15 years, these new records were found to be a reaction after seeing the conflict of Azerbaijan with Armenia in September. This conflict has moved them to rush to the studios and launched their two new songs, “Protect the Land” & “Genocidal Humanoidz” aiming to draw public attention towards their homeland. These musicians are of Armenian descent and are striving to raise awareness.

The band has planned to donate their profits from their songs to the Armenian Fund which will provide humanitarian relief to the region. These songs are available on the group’s Bandcamp page.

This band has revived after 15 years, their last Grammy-winning song recorded was named Hypnotize which was a great hit in 2005. Despite their great success they were no able to continue their music ever since. Serj Tankian (Lead Singer) proposed for more democratic songwriting and Daron Malakian (guitarist) wrote it and was very close but still, it remained incomplete as their minds did not match. Ever since they toured together and remained friends but their struggle seemed in vain.

Last month after the war in Nagorno-Karabakh, the band decided to put their differences aside. Nagorno-Karabakh is known as “Artsakh” which covers 1700 square miles of mountainous terrain with a long and bloody history. A previous war held in 1994 between Armenian & Azerbaijan ended with a Ceasefire. Azerbaijan initiated another war this past September, Ilham Aliyev (President of Azerbaijan) Affront Nikol Pashinyan (Armenian Prime Minister). Efforts were taken by France, the USA and Russia arbitrate a cease-fire between Armenia and Azerbaijan but wasn’t successful.

Armenia consists of about 3 million whereas Azerbaijan on the other hand has 10 million citizens, Azerbaijan is stronger in terms of Military and aid from Turkey. Armenia has received support from Russia.

According to the Organization Human Rights watch, Azerbaijan Azerbaijan has used banned weapons and cluster munitions, however, Azerbaijan also claims that has also used Cluster munitions as well.

Morning Star” (a British Newspaper) reported that an Azerbaijani soldier executed an Armenian soldier and taunted his family with it. In response, the UN has warned that attacks on the citizen are considered a war crime.

The band claims that Azerbaijan arranged out the circumstance of the assault to harmonize with news inclusion zeroing in on the U.S. Election and the reaction to Covid-19. Tankian has voiced help for Democrats, and drummer John Dolmayan (the artist’s brother by marriage) underpins Trump — they chose to set those distinctions aside also since they accept the emergency in Nagorno-Karabakh rises above American Politics.

Dolmayan says to Rolling Stone that he wants Trump to not only protect the Interest but also the values of the United States. Dolmayan remembers when he watched the war and felt sick. “I had a lot of feelings of anger and powerlessness, and then I thought back to how my ancestors must have felt during the genocide,”.

In spite of the years of disappointment with the state of System of a Down, But the shocking updates had forced him to pick up his phone and called out to his band members. “I sent a text to the other three guys, and said, ‘Irrespective of your feelings for each other and the past, we have to put everything aside and get in the studio and create a song for our people to bring attention to the situation and galvanize the forces of good worldwide, and he was responded positively as all of them felt the same way.

Malakian said that “I am not doing this as an artist for myself or for System of a Down or for any of the guys in the band; we are all doing this for our people,” he says. “So this is not a creative decision, this is not a business decision.

This is a decision of activism, and that takes precedence over all other things for us”. “If we do not do this, there is not any other huge Armenian rock band out there that’s gonna do this,” Malakian says. “There are not that many big Armenian celebrities out there that are going to do this. It’s a kind of duty. We came together because our country needed us, not necessarily because we are so amped to do a brand-new System of a Down song. Our people needed us to do this”.

Malakian shared “Protect the Land” with his bandmates, he started writing this song a year and a half ago which was for the civilians and Soldiers of Artsakh. The band manager states that “Protect the land” coincides importance of the current situation. The Band further stated that in spite they are thousands of miles away but they stab by the troops for the common cause of Armenians.

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