Honolulu Cookie Company just partnered with Costco


After the Honolulu Cookie Company started to sell its cookies at select Costco stores in Hawaii this year, the company is now expanding to other locations at Costco such as the Costco wholesale stores in the Southern California area. So, if you’re from Southern California, you will soon be treating yourself to the popular and delicious cookies by the Honolulu Company. 


The company has solely made a 16-ounce mini bag to sell at the retail giant containing a bite-sized pineapple-shaped chocolate chip and macadamia nut loaded cookies and it is expected the item will be for sale at all 52 Costco Warehouse Club stores in Southern California from November 13th, Friday. Pacific Business News has reported. 

Honolulu Cookie’s General Manager, Ryan Sung has told Pacific Business News that since traveling to Island may prove to be challenging for the public at the moment (due to the COVID-19 pandemic) the company’s major priority was to bring the taste of the traditional Hawaiian Island’s cookies to them as they’re not able to visit the Island. 

Ryan Sung also commented on how the deal did take a while to come together but if it proves to be a success in terms of the goals Costco has set regarding the sales, there may be more opportunities for partnerships and the product may expand to more stores, reports Pacific Business News

If you’re not from Hawaii or Southern California, you may have to wait a little while longer until you can get a taste of these delicious cookies again. However, if you do live in Southern California or Hawaii, feel free to grab a bag on your next trip! These cookies may not be available online on Costco’s website as of now. Usually, Honolulu cookies are priced more than average, but having a Costco membership shall enable you to get them for a lesser price. 

Due to the losses encountered by many businesses this year as they faced unexpected lockdowns, partnerships like these may prove to bring a lot of benefits in terms of recovering from the losses faced. 

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