A company as big as Kroger doesn’t need an introduction but JUST IN CASE. It is ranked as the 5th largest retail company in the world. Maintained its rank throughout its 137 years of being born. Even though it started in a small town in Ohio, it just took it some time to spread around the world and mark its name. It gives out the best service along with the best of products.



Earlier in 2020, the world was taken by a storm when a deadly disease entered the premises. Almost the whole world was on lockdown, businesses around the world were shut down. Coronavirus can spread easily through touch, so anyone around you has the disease you would be affected immediately by it. With no vaccine and with a thousand medical strategies gone to waste, Covid-19 has also taken people’s loved ones away from them.

Changes in the way we shop

There is no doubt that people are shopping differently. People aren’t going to the stores as frequently.” Says Kroger’s Chairman and CEO Rodney McMullen.

Since the disease could spread so easily, by any physical touch. As per Government orders and also for people’s own safety they were under lockdown with restrictions of not going out as much as they used to.

People started their businesses online also they started shopping online no matter if it was for groceries or anything else. The Internet has to be one of the man’s greatest inventions, everything is just a touch away.

Kroger’s online business and investments

Over the years, as time went by, the advancements in technology took place and people started their business not only in specified areas in a capital but they also started their businesses online as well. And Kroger, being the mind star that it is, made investments in their technology and digital platforms.

As stated by CEO AND CHAIRMAN OF KROGER, “When COVID started, our online business increased over-night and everything was able to support that because of the digital investments we made.”

Kroger has provided online platforms to its customers and maintained its image as the largest retail company in the world, NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS!

It has provided its customers with such an online experience that they feel like they are physically in a store even though they don’t want to be. For these tremendous online treatments that they have given their customers, it had helped it increase their whole year sales. Always staying on the top, Kroger outlined 13% growth in identical sales, earning a 40% – 50% share per growth.

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