How Amazon is closely monitoring employee activity to avoid unions?


We all know that amazon warehouse teamwork has strong history over stirring for change. But after COVID-19 the employees have the impulse to talk about it! Now here’s the inside news of how amazon closely monitors and checks the activities of the employee to avoid the unions.  Let’s find out some interesting news details below!


After the covid-19 and after March, workforces have systematized protests to demand, create online petitions to draw attention to their concerns, and form new labor groups. It flickered an increase in UN personnel activity.

Furthermore, in the duration between March and September, the company laboring more than 1.37 million front-line workers for Amazon and Whole Foods in the US, not including the ten’s of thousands of drivers and last-mile Amazon transports.

Amalgamating the Amazon workforce will be an uphill battle. The company’s success in avoiding major trade unions since its founding in 1994. The Federation of European Workers’ Companies was successfully formed,

While, the Unions will interrupt the level of control that Amazon has over its warehouses and delivery personnel, such as its ability to unilaterally set the pace of work and hourly wages, quoted by Tom Kochan, a professor of industrial relations, labor and employment at MIT.

Also, he said that “Amazon controls everything from bathroom breaks to communicating with others,” said Kochan.  Last month, Amazon’s Human Resources Department front page found a separate report on Amazon employees and watchers which Facebook groups used by contract Flex drivers to track strikes on planned activity. These programs are for detection, activity, and reduction.

While it is a fact that Amazon isn’t the only big company that has developed robust employee monitoring strategies. Walmart has also been accused, appears on Reddit. Employees at the tech giant Google have previously claimed a tool for indicating potential regulatory activity. Amazon has built a reputation among union organizers as being particularly aggressive.

One of the employees at Amazon said about this” “I found Amazon spying on workers and trying to understand betrayal and working behaviors or tendencies to the next level.” While Hopkins said the goal was to give repositories of confidence in controlling their information. This is what reading should do. “There are new things to come,” Hopkins said. “I honestly make it very difficult for workers to understand it.” Now we hope that after this Amazon will do betterment for their employees. Let us know about your thoughts on this blog in comment section below!