How Amazon Workforce is coping up with Pandemic Situation


One of the leading and known stores which are recognized globally is acknowledged as Amazon. Recently, the senior workforces talked about their experience with the pandemic and how they store and management are treating them. The Amazon workforces – one of whom works in marketing and opinions working as a major marketer – reveal the inconsistencies in how the two divergences of the tech giant have weathered the pandemic.


According to their statement Senior worker who handles the marketing sector, Rob 35 from New York said that “I never thought I would move home with no idea what would happen next,” he says. As he had been sent home during covid-19 lockdown back in March and he came out at the end of the summer after the outburst of the pandemic, as he lost his full-time job logging overtime hours in an entire food package from an Amazon Prime Now shopper.

He further said that yes COVID-19 has changed our lives and losing job fears is terrifying. While, Amazon, the company that employs them to create conglomerates around the world. After a brief glimpse of its trusted-styled marketplace Amazon wasn’t going to deliver the obnoxious amounts of hands, toilet paper, and other merchandise customers flocked to the site to advertise – the e-commerce platform emerged as the quarantine champ. He said that he did not want to work from home anymore. 

Started part-time as Amazon Prime Now Shopper at Whole Foods before the pandemic mess; In fall 2019, it took a few hours “as a job, to make some extra money”. His main source of income was from the current sales job. In February 2020, the schedule was running from 50 to 60 hours per week. To the interests of a long time before he is ready “necessary” – both for his well-being and for the interests of his community. Both of them were, the lead shopper department from Amazon.

As some of the workers have no experience of working from home, they are from the previous generation, the situation in the Amazon offices was vastly different. He and his colleagues had not received information on Amazon to speak to The Fast Company. He and his colleagues had received their first email from Amazon about the option to scale back.

About traveling and working from home from Amazon. They are back in stores and working but they still feel that this struggle and situation is quite tough to handle especially to stay safe and work. Now, as the things are a bit changing and we are quite adjusting to the new normal we hope to see some positive changes. Comment below to let us know your thoughts. 


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