How are Americans coping with the long wait?


Since the elections had made things intense, Americans are sitting on the edge waiting for the official results of their next President. Are you stressed too?


But when memes are here, fun is still there, right?

It’s been so long for people to wait and to watch only a TV doesn’t seem to be enough. Therefore, you will see many people have taken over social media sharing opinions and most importantly, memes. Of course, they had to find something for waiting about it. So, here are some of the memes on it. Let’s check them out.

Also, when you see the only thing on the TV, internet with the counting, media projects, and predictions, the only thing that seems essential is elections.

Especially the attention has been turned to Arizona, Nevada, and Pennsylvania as they are holding up before announcing the winner. And we also know that their winner can be our next President. Therefore, it is becoming frustrating for the People. And they are expressing it on Twitter.

Keeping the wait so long, there is another one coming from Twitter.

For now, waiting seems to be the only option, and memes as the best for coping. However, people do have some hilarious things to add up to their mere waiting. They are spending time creating more memes. We know there are many more to come till the final results come.

It is quite obvious by now that you feel tired and you may also look for the time to take naps. But memes are just making your day worth waiting. Hold on to your thoughts and plans, keep checking the latest updates, and there is a lot yet to come.

Take time off from the news and enjoy these memes then track the final results.

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