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In this regard, one of the employee’s concerned mother asked and posted on the forum stating that “My son was 16 when he started at Kroger and he is 18 now. We discussed early on whether he should join the union, and due to minimum wages and part-time hours, he decided not to join.

Now, he’s a high school student and attending a professional preparation class, the teacher asked him to bring a copy of his salary stub. The teacher discovered that Kroger had taken about $600 of union dues from my sons’ salary since he started working there. Since my son’s check is automatically deposited into his checking account. And since he was a teenager who didn’t understand payroll deductions, he had no idea they were taking union dues out of his paycheck yet!

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How could they register a minor in the union without his knowledge? He never received a bonus. He asked to be trained as an auditor and that never happened. He even did sanitation duty while he was still a minor (which is against Texas laws). He now works about 30 hours a week or anything under 40. His shifts often include getting off at 11 pm and returning at 7 am or 8 am the next morning. Your thoughts???? Advice? suggestions?

In this regard, your son has reached the age of 18 and is a legal citizen. You can advise your son to make sure that he enrolled in the union and ask for the contract which has been upgraded the previous month. You can even ask him to directly ask from HR manager regarding the training he wants. Plus, you can also ask him to register for Feed Your Future program as well. It will be very beneficial for his future.

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