How complaint about Tardiness in Kroger workspace?


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In this regard, one of the employees posted his questions regarding the tardiness in the workspace. The employee stated “So at Kroger pharmacy one of the lead techs is consistently late to work.  Like 4 out of 5 days and nothing gets said to her. Also, when she is there, she spends 75% of the time on her phone or walking around talking and gossiping instead of helping get caught us. You know data, dispensing, bagging, and hanging bags. Helping with customers, putting away orders. And she is also the first person to try and get someone in trouble. The pharmacy manager told me he just wants work to be enjoyable. Now I’m not saying someone can’t talk or text at times but let’s get our work done. Who can I contact if the pharmacy manager does not interfere?  And if I try to contact someone else, will I get retaliation for this?

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According to the Kroger policy, you can easily write a complaint letter to Kroger. They have specially made a department where you can register complaints and write to them. Plus, you can even call them on the mentioned numbers.  If you’d like to directly connect with the Kroger team regarding this issue speak, please call them at this number at 1-800-KRO-GERS (1-800-576-4377). or you can talk to your HR management regarding the duties etc about it be open to discuss your issue. Best of luck.

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