How Did Kroger’s $10,000 investment succeeded in 2001?


Now, Kroger is one of the finest and most talked about grocery chain in America. Looking back in time to 2001, and taking a look at what happened to the investors who brought up this very question about Kroger Co (NYSE: KR), by looking at the investment results over two decades of retention.


While, the details of 20-year return from KR: $ 44,351.71. The two-decade investment result has worked well, with an annual rate of return of 7.73%.

How Did Kroger’s $10,000 investment succeeded in 2001

This would have converted a $ 10,000 investment made 20 years ago into $ 44,351.71 today (as of 09/04/2021). On a total return basis, that was a score of 343.12% (Something to think about: How might KR stocks be performing in the next 20 years?). [These numbers were calculated using the Dividend Channel Return Calculator.]

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Furthermore, dividends are always an important investment factor to consider, and Kroger Co has paid $ 5.23 / share in dividends to shareholders over the past 20 years we looked at above. Many investors will only invest in dividend stocks, so this element of total return is always an important consideration. Automated reinvestment of dividends in additional equity shares can be a great way for an investor to maximize their returns. The above calculations are made with the assumption that dividends received over time are reinvested (calculations use the closing price at an earlier date). Based on the most recent annual dividend rate of .72 / share, we calculate KR has a current dividend of approximately 1.91%. Another interesting data point that we can check is the “return on cost” – in other words, we can express the current annual dividend of .72 versus the original purchase price of $ 10.94 / share. This yields a cost return of 17.46%.

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“It’s remarkable how long-term benefit people like us have gotten by trying to always be non-stupid, rather than trying to be so smart. – Charlie Munger Now, what are your thoughts on this? Do you think Kroger worked hard to become one of the talked grocery chains? Let us know in the comment section below!

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