How do I get my W2?


No longer working at Kroger? Or just joined Kroger and want to learn more about the W2 process? Need guidance regarding the online method? Or if you are facing any issue concerning the W2 tax files online.


Now, in this apprehension, one ex-employee from Kroger stated his question regarding W2 on the Kroger public forum. He asked “I need to get copies of my W-2s from past years. 2015-2018. I no longer work there, but I did during those years. I mailed an order to the 1014 Vine address with all my information but didn’t hear anything. Who/where can I contact this information?”

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In this respect, all you have to do go to the express HR portal if you still have the access to your portal at Kroger. Then you have to click on my HR info and check the information about it. They will email you at the registered address you have on the file. Or you can directly contact them to send it to you. Please do keep in mind if you still resident at the registered address. Just in case of a new address do connect with HR management to register with the new address. For more information, you can check at to learn more about it. If you have more questions and issues regarding any problem. Kindly comment below we would love to assist you further.