How do we convince our person in charge that we don’t want to work in the office?


Right! Another day staying safe and struggling with the fear of corona!! No vaccine has been created yet! Now, the problem arises as few office bosses are still not letting their employees work from home at a few places in the UK! Want to know what you can do to let them permit to work from home? Swipe down to know more about it!


Recently, an employee said in a response to work from home policy that her new manager started working at the company in August amid the epidemic. He has an office door that closes. I work in an open room in a high traffic area. The employer told us time and time again to work remotely whenever possible. But my boss has been in the office every day since he started. He told me recently that I have to personally increase the number of days. I understand that my manager is trying to find his way into a new job, but how do I get him to respect our company’s telework policy? I want a good relationship with him, but not at the expense of getting Covid-19. Many workers have been complaining about it that they have to visit the office and their managers are increasing visiting days! Here’s how you can do to let them know the policy and make them understand that in Covid-19 we must follow certain rules!

Contact The higher Management about this issue

Gather the facts before confronting your new boss (well). You say that the “employer” asked you to work remotely “whenever possible.” But who exactly do you mean: CEO, HR, or someone else? Contact that person’s office, without complaining, and verify that the policy is still valid and includes your position.

Talk to them about it bluntly

With luck (and the near-reasonable president), you might be able to talk about this issue. But if he thinks your presence is necessary at times, which is also contemplated by the phrase “whenever possible,” then you may have to appeal to your boss if you disagree, or change the topic to improve safety in the office.