How is losing the economy is risking the lives of Employees

Since the Covid-19 have started to spread rapidly in America. Politicians to people in charge have argued about the state of the economy and how to choose health over the economy. We have witnessed that Americans are watching the economy fail. Strangely, the direct factor of the virus on the economy and labor forces has been ignored. And financially push them and push them to recovery which is overlooked badly.

The number of confirmed cases has now reached over 9 million; Nearly 225,000 people have long had symptoms in the asymptomatic case. This is causing workers to slow down and taking leave from the work. A recent investigation by the Institute for Combined Benefits shows the Coronavirus magnified the number of workers claiming short breath and illness signs due to coronavirus from February to March; this made them stay at home and it cost nearly $20 billion loss.

While the more Spartan cases had more severe impacts on the companies and establishments that employ them. Yvonne Evans has been a nurse for decades, and runs a surgical clinic at the John D. Dingle Detroit Veterans said that due to coronavirus employees have lost their jobs as a few of the cases were pretty bad and it took few of them struggle to breathe after half a year. In addition, more than 200,000 health workers have been diagnosed with COVID-19 this year, and nearly 1,000 have died.

While, some of the cases had workers who worked in food chains and ended up being infected with COVID-19, along with her co-workers. A stroke left her partially paralyzed. “I would like to go back to work,” she told me while speaking in Spanish. This exposed her and her extended family to severe economic risk. Now, the American government definitely needs to think about how to fight the virus as more and more workers are getting infected and it is affecting the economy badly. Let us know how you think is better to deal with the situation and what ways the economy can get better? Comment below!

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