Even pinning this on a paper, it just feels weird to hear that now grocery stores can be called as farms. And I know you feel it too. But as I was gathering information to write this article I automatically got answers to how, what and why.


I would like to do the same for you too. So starting from what is happening, we all can agree that 2020 has been the worst year no matter if we see it from any point of view, let it be financially for people, economically for countries, geographically for the population or anything else YOU NAME IT! We all have suffered.

All this just because Corona Virus got loose? I guess we deserve a break. Since it has been going on the down side during these past months in several areas people have started to re-adjust their businesses. They have made necessary adjustments or made big changes for their businesses to start again. On the top, I would say would come the idea of Vertical farming. A lot of people are familiar with the idea of vertical farming but for those who are not, ALLOW ME.

Vertical farming, in easy words would be described as practically growing crops in a store or any place in vertically stacked multiple layers. Well, this idea is not new but it has taken a big approach during past years.

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“That experience of going into a grocer and picking something essentially off the vine is compelling from a customer stand point.” Says Shireen Santosham, head of strategic initiatives at plenty.

If we look at things from a different side, I guess we all realise that since the pandemic we have all changed the way we shop for things. Avoiding the spread of disease and also the lockdown, we haven’t been able to get out of the house and use OUR way of shopping. People started shopping online. A survey also says that online-shopping this year has increased by a solid 40%.

So companies had to do something to bring out the customers to their stores. So companies like Kroger and Pubix have decided on having vertical farming on some of their stores. Pubix already had a vide range of vertical farming in its stores in Mexico and Florida. It also has an in-farm along with Kroger’s partnership, Publix on-site farm is successfully running and is managed by Brick Street Farms.


People are surrounded by pollution and dust all the time. Especially those living in urban areas where wherever you see, you’ll see big buildings, factories, automobiles and lesser greenery. Having vertical farming in a place would ensure a sustainable environment that would further help people around with good health. It would provide a breathe of fresh air and for the companies or store owners, their customers would come out of their houses to shop in this environment too.

So, this would not only benefit the customer and employee relationship but also it would help to make our environment sustainable. In my opinion, its amazing that we are finally giving back to the environment after taking so much away from it throughout the years. This would not only help us make the economy stable, we would finally be able to call ourselves good humans as well.

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