How Kroger Employee Assistance Program Help Its Employee?


Every Company have something beneficial to their employees. Whether its emotional support or its to guide them towards betterment. Every company offers different employee assistance programs to help their workforces.


If we talk about Kroger, which is one of the largest grocery retails in America. They millions of employees at their stores, warehouses to parking lots. They offer some amazing Kroger Employee Assistance Program. Now, if you don’t know much about the Kroger Employee Assistance Program and how it helps its employee or how you will take benefit through it. Then here’s the complete guide for you!

What is Kroger Employee Assistance Program?

The Kroger Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a work-based interference package planned to identify and assist employees in solving personal problems. That may negatively affect their performance at work, such as marital, financial, or emotional issues. It also includes family problems; Or drug or alcohol abuse.

More Kroger Stuff

Kroger Employee Assistance Program can help employees deal with personal or professional issues before they become unmanageable. the Kroger Employee Assistance Program will help reduce turnover and absenteeism and support ongoing wellness initiatives that contribute to the overall health of the employee and the organization. Additionally, you will get health insurance, and family services and discounts as well.  Now, if you are wondering if your family member will be able to use the discounts codes and services? Well, if we talk technically only the immediate family who lives in the same house is allowed to use your opponent.

What is included in the Kroger Employee Assistance Program?

Kroger offer many benefits in their Kroger Employee Assistance Program. We have highlighted few of the reimbursements in list below!

  • Health and care insurance
  • Family services.
  • Counseling referrals.
  • Financial services.
  • Life insurance
  • Career opportunities
  • Stress management
  • How to tackle and overcome work stress

How you can avail Kroger Employee Assistance Program?

If you are part time employee at Kroger retailer, then you need to contact at your store management team to guide about your Kroger Employee Assistance Program. While, if you are permanent employee at Kroger, then you will get access to your Kroger Employee Assistance Program list of benefits. You can easily check the all-available reimbursements at Kroger Employee Assistance Program at portal which is made just for kroger’s employee. If you have more questions and want more information regarding Kroger Employee Assistance Program you can connect Magellan Health Services. As this program is sponsored by the Magellan Health services.

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