Kroger Fuel Points | How Does Kroger Fuel Points Program Work?


If you shop at Kroger, you might want to know about the ways you can save at Kroger. So the best way to save at Kroger is by having Kroger Fuel Points. But most of the people don’t really know about Fuel Points. Don’t worry, you can read below about How Does Kroger Fuel Points Work. And these are not straight up instructions.


You will get to read four simple things that you need to know about Kroger Fuel Points. And after that, you can save a lot at Kroger Fuel. So before that, you can also get yourself a prize of Kroger $5000 Gift Card. You just need to click the link at the end of the post and follow the instructions mentioned in the link.

What is Kroger Fuel Points Program?

Kroger Fuel Points Program is a customer loyalty program. In this program, the customer can save from 10 cents off per gallon to $1 off per gallon. But there are some things you need to keep in mind.

You must have a Kroger Shoppers Card in order to earn fuel points on your every shopping. You don’t have to pay a single cent to register for Shopper’s Card. So get your card today to start earning Kroger Fuel Points.

After you have the card, there are the best ways to earn Kroger Fuel Points

  • If you spend $1, you will get 1 Fuel point, but not on Alcohol and Tobacco
  • But in case of a gift card, you will get double the number of fuel points compared to the price of the gift card
    • Example: The Gift Card costs $100. So you will receive 200 Fuel points.
  • And you can earn 50 Fuel points by qualifying for non-federally funded prescriptions
  • You can also earn 50 Fuel Points by completing the Krogerfeedback Survey as well

How to Keep Track of Your Fuel Points?

Let’s just say you have started earning fuel points. But you need to keep track of your Kroger Fuel Points. There are in fact two ways by which you can check your Kroger Fuel Points

You can download the Kroger application on your Android and iOS device

Check the end of your purchase receipt every time you shop at Kroger to see the Fuel Points Details

How to Redeem Your Kroger Fuel Points

Now you know you have Kroger Fuel Points. To redeem the fuel points you have earned you will require the Kroger Shoppers Card. You can use it on Kroger Supermarket Gas Station, or the gas station affiliated with Kroger. Furthermore, you can redeem your fuel points at Shell Gas Stations as well.

But to know, how much you will redeem, and how much you will save. You need to know how it really works.

  • 100 points equal 10 cents off per gallon
  • 200 points equal 20 cents off per gallon
  • 300 points equal 30 cents off per gallon

You can only save up to $1 per gallon max. It is not possible to save $5 or $10 per gallon using your Kroger fuel points. Moreover, you can only purchase a 35-gallon max using the Kroger Fuel Points. If you have 99 Fuel points you cannot redeem them until they are 100. So the minimum number of fuel points that you can redeem is 100.

And one more thing you need to know is that Fuel Points of one month do not add up for the next month. For example, if you have 100 Fuel points in June, then at the start of July, your fuel points balance will not be the same.

From Which Supermarkets Can You Earn Fuel Points?

Kroger Fuel Points Program is not limited to Kroger Stores. You can also earn fuel points on stores affiliated with Kroger. Kroger has about 2,800 Grocery Stores around the country. So you can use your Fuel Points in any of those stores. But for your convenience, check out the list of stores Kroger owns.

If you want to earn more Kroger Fuel Points then

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