How Kroger plastic bag recycling is beneficious?


Now if we talk about the wastage and what percentage shows the reliability of plastic bags and its dangerous outcome. Back in 2020 Kroger company did they research and reported showcased that more than 84% rely on ready to pack items and food wastage count.


Now keeping this in mind, they decided to launch the Kroger plastic bag recycling. This Kroger plastic bag recycling is a core principle of our zero waste vision.

Kroger plastic bag recycling Vision

Kroger plastic bag recycling aim is to provide possible and alter options. Plus, Kroger plastic bag recycling will try to reduction, reuse, and then recycling approach. This way we will reduce the environmental impacts of our product packaging. Our main priorities include reducing unnecessary packaging, increasing the recyclability of our packaging. Increasing the amount of recycled content and certified fibers in our packaging. While supporting our communities in building better infrastructure and giving our customers options for recycling.

How Kroger plastic bag recycling will help

Well you must be thinking that how Kroger plastic bag recycling will help?  The bubble wrap and plastic wrap around paper towels, cereal box liners, and bread bags have in common? They are all recyclable! In fact, the list doesn’t end there: dry cleaning bags, production bags, newspaper bags, plastic shipping envelopes, clean sandwich bags. A lot of things that, not many years ago, would have been thrown into the trash, now they can turn into something. new!

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Kroger plastic bag recycling Program

A Zero Hero is the one to step up to change when it comes to reducing waste. Even small changes that require little effort can make you the hero of zero! Once you put these plastic bags and packaging in the trash, where do they go? Our stores collect these single-use plastic packaging from you and combine them with other used plastic packaging in the store; Everything is sent away to be converted into composite panels. Over the past three years, zero hunger | Zero Waste has recycled over 180 million pounds of plastic. That’s a lot of decoration! This small effort can change the outlook of life and it will reflect on our environment as well. If you are interested to join Kroger plastic bag recycling program then click link to get yourself registered

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