How Kroger segregate politics and employee value?


Just joined Kroger? Want to know what is Kroger’s take on politics and employee value? Are you facing any mismanagement or witnessing with your friend colleagues at Kroger? Feeling that Kroger follows the politics then employee values? If yes, then go on and read this blog as we will highlight if there are any certain guidelines from Kroger.


In this regard, one of the workforces forwarded his concern by affirming that “I notice the more a person leans to the left, the less value they have as an employee (includes management) because they don’t “put out” at work.” Another employee shared his view in this regard, “Kroger makes large donations to many left-wing organizations. And embraces a union for its employees that donates heavily to a party that is becoming increasingly socialist.”

While let us clear the air, Kroger has their own lineup and workforces. Kroger pretty much thinks and does what they feel is right! No gets politics to get in the way! But yes, cutting hazard pay to increasing wages in pandemic shows that do value their employee.

But their ideology regarding the employee policy and how they will charge and care is a bit stringent as they have set up a bunch of instructions etc. but we hope they do more for their employee as that’s their forte core. If you have more concerns or something to share let us know in the comment section below!

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