How much do Wal-Mart workers earn? Are paying them enough?


Have you ever wondered how much does the workforce at Walmart store workers earn and how tough their duty is? If not then, in this blog you may find out!


As we all are aware that Walmart, the largest employer in the United States, which employs about 1.5 million Americans, has been at the focus of the controversy over its low wages for years. This year 2020, the average hourly wage at a Walmart store in the United States is $14.76, which is between $25,000 and $30,000 per year for a full-time employee. Which is quite low compared to its competitors.

Now, Wall Street studied 24/7 Store Facts from the Walmart Corporation website to determine how many people in each state work for Walmart as sales partners and how much they get paid.

The result was that the average wage for a Walmart field worker, which takes into account both full-time and part-time workers, does not differ much from state to state. It ranges from $13.42 an hour in Idaho to $16.02 an hour in New Hampshire. Equated to the state’s minimum remuneration and cost of living, workers in some states perform much better than others

While, the centralized lowest wage is $7.25 an hour, and 19 states have not changed it. Fifteen states have minimum wages in excess of $10 an hour. The charge of living is above the national average in nine of the 15 states with the highest-paying Wal-Mart jobs. The dollar reaches as far as it can be in the central southern and western states of America.

Furthermore, seven of the circumstances with the highest cost of living are among the 15 states with the highest minimum wages. To determine how many people, work for Walmart in each state and how much they get paid, Wall St. 24/7 store facts such as total Walmart locations in each state, number of full-time and part-time field colleagues, such as well as average pay from a Walmart company website.  You can find the report on their website and you see they average Walmart earner pay scale. Comment in the section below to let us know your views on it!

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