How the Harris Teeter new coupon can help you get more for less!


There is no doubt Harris Teeter is always the first option for many when looking to save up money on your monthly or weekly grocery. They’ve now bought you a brand new promotion which helps you get 4X Fuel points on your Visa and Mastercard. Not only that, you can also get Third Party Gift Card purchases (Including Chipotle, Regal, Dominos and much more!) We think it’s the perfect promotion to light up your week!


After Harris Teeter’s e-Vic card helped many consumers get maximum discounts and purchase grocery items on sale, this new offer is definitely a cherry on top! All you need is to be an e-Vic member to download the coupon from either the Harris Teeter app or website and purchase gift cards to earn those fuel points. In return you get 4X Fuel Points on Visa + MasterCard, Third Party Gift Purchases + Cards and Visa + MasterCard Gift Cards! So we’ll definitely advise you to drop the wait and click on the link now to download the coupon and save up on your expenses this month!

Remember to sign up on the Harris Teeter website with your Vic-card to be eligible to get more promotions and promising deals from one of the largest Supermarket chains in the South!

Note: The Offer expires on October 20th, 2020. Terms and Conditions may apply.

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