Activating Speedy Rewards Card- Here’s How To Do It!


Speedway is working as a one-stop-shop at more than 2700 convenience stores across 22 different states. Customers get the freedom to shop groceries, refuel their cards, and can get a cup of fresh coffee. At Speedway store, you can also earn some Speedway points on your every purchase and you can redeem the points for a discount on items like fuel and food.


To receive the discounts, customers only have to activate their Speedy Rewards Card. Read ahead to know about all the Speedy Rewards Card:

Registering for Speedy Rewards Card

To register and activate your Speedy Rewards, you have three options:

1-Visit in-store speedy rewards terminal. You have to visit any of the participating Speedway stores and pick your Speedy Rewards Card. At the terminal, you have to scan your card and press the button “Register Card”. To complete your registration process, follow all the steps.

2-You can activate it online by visiting the Speedway website. After this, you have to click on the Login/Signup option. Once you will choose the “Create Account” option, you will have to enter your name and email address. Once you have created the personal identification number, then you will be redirected to “My Profile” where you have to follow the instructions for completing your profile.

3- Use the Speedway Mobile App. Go to Google Play Store or Apple App Store to download the app. After opening the app, press “Register” to start the registration process. Follow the steps to activate your Speedy Rewards Card.

Speedy Points Program-How It Works?

Once you have registered your account, then you will start collecting your Speedy points. You will also get your statements every month via email that will contain coupons for free or discounted items. Furthermore, you will get a bonus on your birthday.

How To Collect Speedy Rewards Points?

Whenever you will make a purchase at the Speedway location, you have to present Speedy Rewards cards at a gas pump or at the register. On each purchase, you will get points at a rate of 20 base points per dollar on purchasing merchandise and 10 base points per gallon on purchasing fuel. Every month, Speedway also features some items that net you bonus points along with the base points you earn. You will recognize these bonus-point items with special signs in the store that include Speedy Rewards Terminal and Speedway Mobile App.

Items Not Eligible for Points

Remember that there are few items on which you are not able to receive any Speedway Rewards Points. The items included here are lottery tickets, tobacco, alcohol, Speedy Cash prepaid cards, Vanilla Visa, M orders, Milk (in Pennsylvania only), PayPal or Green Dot reloadable products, and NetSpend.

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How To Redeem Speedy Rewards Points?

Below are three ways in which you can redeem your Speedy rewards points:

1-Scan you Seedy Rewards at an in-store terminal and select “Redeem Points” from the menu options. If you will be eligible to redeem any points, then you will see the “Print Reward” button under your “Reward Status”. Once you will touch that button, you will be able to receive a printed coupon.

2-Redeem point via Speedy Mobile App. Open the app and click on “Rewards” and click on “Redeem” to see a list of all the eligible rewards. You have to select the item you need and enter your pin. After this, click on “Confirm PIN” to redeem your points After this, a digital coupon will be sent to your Speedy Wallet. Once you will pick up your item from the Speedway store, you have to present the item and digital coupon to a store associate.

3-Lastly, redeem your point via Speedy Rewards Online Marketplace. Log in to your online Speedy Rewards account, select the “Marketplace” option under the “Redeem Points” option. Select the item you want from the marketplace and go to checkout. Note that your reward coupon will be sent to your address on your account.

Now, you are fully aware of how to activate and use your rewards points in the Speedy Rewards Card.