How to apply for a job at Kroger in 2021- Guideline


Are you one of those young and talented job seeker who wants to grow and work at USA’s finest and largest retailer store Kroger? If yes, then here is the complete guideline on How to apply for a job at Kroger in 2021 guide with detailed steps for your ease!


Why you should consider applying for a job at Kroger?

While, no doubt about it as one of the largest grocery companies in the United States, Kroger ( has business opportunities in most states. Since Kroger offers benefits even to part-time employees, they can be a great company to work for. (trust us on this) but they don’t just hire anyone.  To increase your chances of being hired, you must be flexible; and you must follow our guide How to apply for a job at Kroger to get hired. Your favorite department may not be hiring right now, but there are other job opportunities in the store. Kroger offers paid in-store internships to applicants wanting to learn something new.

How to apply for a job at Kroger in 2021- Guideline

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  • Here’s How to apply for a job at Kroger- Step 1

Getting a job at the Kroger is fairly easy (YES, IT IS) If you have the right background and strong cv. Apart from that passing a background check and drug test is a major hurdle. Some stores have discontinued drug tests, while others have not. If the store does a drug test, it is most often an oral swab, so there is no need to go to the clinic.

  • The application processes- Second Step

A Kroger job application can only be filled out online. If you go to a Kroger store to fill out an order, they will direct you to one of their recruitment stalls. This is a good option if you need to ask questions, but it can also get distracting for you to fill out an application with other people around you. Or here’s How to apply for a job at Kroger online through few easy steps which are mentioned below!

  • Apply online
  • Go to the Kroger app website.
  • Create an account.
  • Browse the jobs available at Kroger. (Note: You can search by store location.)
  • If you haven’t decided which job you want to apply for, choose Hourly Retail Assistant.
  • Filling out the application requires all the regular information required to land a job, such as:

After completing the application, you will be directed to the recruitment test. An exam is a series of questions or statements with multiple choice answers. You will have four answers for each question. Another thing which you can do is that you Follow up with a phone call to the hiring manager will increase your chances of getting the job. You can wait one business day, or call directly after placing your order. Simply report your name to the manager and tell him that you have applied for a job.  Let the manager know that you are available to attend anytime for an interview. You may receive an interview at that time or you will get email from Kroger.

Additional Steps for How to apply for a job at Kroger

  • Check that your CV is up to date. Add any recent work experience or educational changes. Include your phone number, as this is Kroger’s preferred method of contacting applicants.
  • Take your CV to the store you wish to work in. Ask if you can fill out an application. Be prepared to complete the lengthy computerized form.
  • Call the store after five days if you don’t hear anything and talk to the service manager. Ask if your application has been reviewed and if you can arrange an interview.
  • Dress in clean clothes and come to the interview at least 15 minutes before your appointment. Answer questions in a friendly and professional manner. Be prepared to take a drug test.
  • Call the service manager two days later to thank him and ask if you fit the current store opening. Be prepared to accept a different job than the one you originally applied for.


Perseverance is key to getting any job. If you aren’t hired by Kroger right away due to a lack of job opportunities, follow up with a service manager within a few weeks. This will show that you are willing to work there. Most Kroger stores are unions, which means you have to join the union and pay dues in order to work there. Seniority plays a role in scheduling. Be prepared to start working at Kroger on a part-time basis and land a full-time job.

Lastly, if all goes well, you’ll be told to fill out a background check and, depending on the store, take a drug test. Once results from these tests appear, you will be called up for coaching and you can start your work according at Kroger. Now, we hope that this How to apply for a job at Kroger guide will help you get succeed in getting job at Kroger. Let us know if you need further guidance in the comment section below!

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