How to Get W2 Online from Kroger?


The workers and employees at Kroger are provided with many compensations and assistance. The Kroger company has developed an online portal for the employees so that they can do their work with ample focus, convenience, and efficiency.


The workers can log in at the portals like Kroger Express HR,, and MyLifeAtKroger which would help them in managing their daily tasks with comfort. The employees are provided with their work schedules, their HR Express Paystubs and their account information under one place.

How to get Kroger W2 forms?

During the tax and regulatory time, the employees strive very hard to collect all appropriate paperwork and forms before the submission deadline for tax filing in mid-April. The whole ascent for employers ensures that the employees principally receive these forms in the form of postal mailing. Especially in recent years, many employers have preferred to provide online forms which mostly allow the employees to download and print to save money and resources. One of the biggest grocery retailers in the world, Kroger Co. allows employees to choose electronic or paper W2 forms. The company will be able to provide the W2 form once an option is chosen by the employees.

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Electronic versus Paper

The employees who have chosen the paper version of the Kroger W2 form, the employer is expected to send these forms till Jan 31 of each year. You have chances of simply selecting the E-option only if you are in the middle of February and still haven’t received the form. The possibility is that you might have missed the form in the mail, only if you’re sure that you have chosen the paper form. If you have selected the electronic version of your form, you can easily access the online application once the procedure commences. Tax forms for Kroger are hosted on the site of Equifax’s MyTaxForm. Once you visit the website, enter KROGER as your employer, and pick the appropriate location that matches your store.

Setting Preferences

You can register with the Kroger Express HR Application with your employee ID and password if you are not entirely certain whether you have officially registered for paperless W-2s or you would just like to double-check your selection. The time limit for selecting an electronic version of your form is the beginning of January. You can even review your withholdings and update your home or email address in the meantime. You would receive an email supposed to notify you that your form is ready to view if you opted for an electronic version of your tax form. If you have applied for the non-paper alternative before the deadline and have not received an e-mail or have not been signed up or have not received the form in the mail, confirm with your store manager or call the Kroger office at 1-513-762-4000 for HR assistance.

Largely owing to the Express HR service, employees can monitor the delivery service of their W2s. Make sure you switch from paper to an electronic form in time to beat the deadline at the beginning of January. If not, you will be required to wait until your paper form arrives in the mail and postpone the switch till next year.

Printing the forms of W-2 type in Quickbook

Form W-2 is an income and tax document from the federal government. A Form W-2, reporting all salaries and benefits and taxes paid, is compulsory by law for all employees who are receiving more than $600 in compensation a year from a single employer. The corporation can quickly and efficiently track and print any required W-2 form per tax year using QuickBooks accounting software.

Choose “Payroll Tax Forms & W-2s” from the “Employees” menu option in QuickBooks. Select “Process Payroll Forms” and then click on the option for federal forms. Pick “Annual Form W-2/W-3 − Wage and Tax Statement” and make absolutely sure you have entered the correct tax year. Select “OK” and review the W-2 form for each employee. All employees forms can be printed at once, or the printing option of W-2 forms can be checked or unchecked in the box in front of each employee’s name. Once you press “Print” and print a Form W-3 (which is the overview of all Form W2s) for IRS, please ensure that you have plenty of paper on your printer.

Benefits of W2 Kroger

The following benefits are delivered to the employees who get the Kroger W2 form

  • The employees are paid in compliance with their contract terms and receive a 1099 form for reporting revenues on their tax returns.
  • A W2 employee gets a regular salary and employee benefits.
  • Your employer deducts the income tax from the paycheck of the employee
  • An efficient degree of control is held over the work of employees