How to Prepare Yourself for a better career and job 


Studying? Or just got graduated? Seeking a job and got getting the chance to prove yourself? If you feel like your career has been in an indeterminate state this year, it’s never too late to start. In this blog, we will highlight all the important aspects for you to see especially if you are seeking a job in COVID-19 or just upgrading your skills to earn more!


According to the study conducted by the author of Dorie Clark stated that due to corona and lock down a lot of employees to feel anxious because they’re out of the office and don’t interact and interact with colleagues or clients the same way they did before,” we all agree that in some ways, life seems to hang. Now here’s how you can choose and upgrade your skills by following this guide which highlights your current career issues. 

Did you know that meeting new people and interacting in a network works like charm as we learn a lot? We suggest that networking is an important part of developing your career. But with in-person conferences, hours of happiness and round tables not happening right now, meeting new people will require more initiative. While, yes, it is quite awkward and random to ask for a virtual conversation. Instead, you can enroll yourself in a new course related to your subject or interest. 

Now, if you’re wondering how you will gain experience and work remotely if you are working without experience? Or How to deal with your boss while working remotely? Well, it depends on your skills and communication skills. You can learn new ways to be creative.

Apart from that ask for the feedback as getting feedback to identify areas of improvement and strengths, and prioritize your assignments, will help your career grow. But when you get performance reviews from your manager only once or twice a year, it can seem daunting and make you defensive – which is counterproductive to both parties.

The study conducted by Clark said regarding the feedback “If you can reduce the risk by making feedback more frequent, it is not a judgment of you as a human being but of a particular performance,” Clark said. But many bosses are uncomfortable with taking notes, which is why the onus is on you. “You have to be proactive,” said Clark. Go to them after your presentation and say, “I’d like to make my presentation better in the future. Do you have notes on this or one thing I can do differently in the future? ” The more these conversations, the easier and more productive they become. We hope that these guidelines will help you find the perfect job and make your perfect while working remotely! Let us know in the comment section below!

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