How to Redeem Kroger Fuel Points?

In the past few years, with the increase of expenses, everything has faced an increase. The fuel prices have risen up as well. However, the gas prices fluctuate almost every day. It has become a necessity in life and everyone is affiliated to it whether directly or indirectly. How to Redeem Kroger Fuel Points 1

Sales, Discounts, Coupons… More Please!

In the present time, budgeting is a common action done before the pay day. You gather all the coupons before heading to do grocery shopping, go on the days when the store has more offers applied on the items. You like a dress and wait for the sale to go live so that you can buy it. Everyone now a days shops smartly through discounts, sales and benefits they get from the work. Kroger Related Posts: One of many benefits that a company offers is of fuel points through which you save money. By this, you save by spending less on more gallons of gas for your vehicle. You can save up to $1000/- annually through your set amount of fuel and gas. Kroger is the leading retail store that offers benefits of fuel and gas to its staff members in addition to other benefit. The fuel point program at Kroger aids you to save on the gas any time you purchase an item or a gift card. Whenever you utilize your shoppers’ card, you gain points. On purchase of a dollar, you receive one fuel point. However, when you spend a dollar on a gift card, you would get double fuel points. How exciting! You can also get points when you shop online. There is no restriction when it comes to the place of shopping, you can avail points by shopping at grocery store, jewelry store, pharmacy or any other. Every time you shop, the points are added to your account immediately. More Kroger Reads: Kroger allows its employees that have the ownership of Kroger Plus card and Reward or Master card to obtain fuel points and discounts on gas. By spending $100 from your Kroger Plus Card, you can get 10 cents off from one gallon of gas. In addition to this, if you use your master card you can get a discount of 5 cents more on one gallon of gas. You can redeem your fuel points as soon as you hit 100 fuel points. During one single use, you can redeem up to 5000 fuel points. The staff or employees can superintend their fuel points through their accounts. In order to redeem the points, simply log in to your account to keep a track of your fuel points. Visit your nearest Fuel Center to redeem the points from a cashier or you can also visit the gas station to redeem your points at Kroger or Shell gas station. For more information, call at your store’s customer service helpline. Happy pumping and happy savings! Related Kroger Posts: