How to report bad management at Kroger?


Just joined Kroger or new at Kroger? Want to know the answers to your questions or concerns which you are facing at Kroger? If yes then this blog is for you! As one of the newly joined employees posted his concern on the Kroger public forum.


While the Kroger employee stated: I do not trust my store management. One person, in particular, has both said and done some really shady stuff (including actively breaching the Union contract) and I simply do not trust anything they are saying.

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I wanted to record a conversation I had with them (audio only) for my protection in case I needed it and they said it’s “corporate policy” we can’t do that, citing a part of the employee handbook, but it didn’t actually say anything about recording this sort of thing. I also know that where I live is one-party consent, so I know I have a legal right to record a conversation I am a part of. I want to verify if others here have similar issues regarding attempts to record things when you don’t trust the situation.  I don’t trust any time someone tries to say something like this. It tells me they have a reason to prevent this, and that reason is almost always that it will be a problem for them because they know what they are doing is wrong.

In response to your question which you asked on the Kroger Public Forum: We are so sorry that you are facing a disturbance at your workspace. What we suggest after going through your concern regarding the bad management is that you need to write a letter to the HR management at Kroger. If you are a union employee would be better if you could alarm them before the situation goes bad. Also, if you want to record which isn’t right lawfully, then you can start your conversation in any place where a CCTV camera is installed. So, you don’t break any rules or get yourself in any trouble. If you have any further questions feel free to get in touch with us through the comment section below!

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