How to tackle lazy/unsupportive Co-worker at Kroger?


Are you new at Kroger? Or you have been working from quite some time at Kroger? We know finding the lazy and unsupportive co-workers can make your work progress slow. You might even feel irritated at working hours.


In this regard, one of the Kroger employees posted his concern on the public forum regarding lazy/bad co-worker and asked that is there any way Kroger management can look into this matter?

Here’s what he stated “ I am curious about the lazy and horrible people in your store. In mine, there is this one girl who started as a cashier. But got stuck being a courtesy clerk because she was slower than Christmas while checking people out and she couldn’t count back change. Now that’s she’s a bigger she is still slow as crap and makes it hard on everyone. Also, when she gets carts, she only gets THREE FRICKING CARTS AT A TIME because “it’s too much work for her.”  While another employee complained about co-worker that he’s constantly 30+ to a 1 hr+ late every shift. Every time new excuse was in plate.

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Now, if you have anyone in store who is lazy and not letting you work, you can always complain to your store management. Or you can even log into your employee portal to anonymously register complain about your staff’s behavior report. We hope that this will sort out your problem. If you have any other concern kindly let us know, we would love to help you!

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