How Unvaccinated Shoppers Responds to Kroger’s New Incentive of $5 Million Prize?


HUNTINGTON: If you are not vaccinated yet and thinking to get yourself vaccinated and getting yourself registered to win a chance $5 million dollars. Well, you can get lucky, but wait what unvaccinated shoppers are thinking about Kroger’s new campaign to get America vaccinated.  A new way to get the COVID-19 vaccine could turn you into a millionaire.


Furthermore, Kroger is trying to motivate people who have been reluctant to get the vaccine. They have announced that five people who have received or have received at least one dose through Kroger will be selected to win $1 million. Also, 50 participants will win free groceries for a year.

How Unvaccinated Shoppers Responds to Kroger’s New Incentive of $5 Million Prize

Several Kroger shoppers in Huntington who haven’t been vaccinated said that the chance of winning a million dollars won’t change their minds. “It’s very tempting, but I really want to give it some time to see how the results of this vaccine will perform,” said Leron Washington, a Huntington resident.

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Another shopper Bonnie Blizzard has no intention of getting vaccinated and says a million-dollar shot wouldn’t affect her. “I’ve had a lot of health issues, and I’m just afraid the shot at the point it is at right now might trigger something,” Blizzard said. Huntington resident R.J. Nor is Muncie not planning to get vaccinated. He says he’s unlucky streak affects how he feels about his chances of winning an award. “I’ve played the lottery before, and I’ve never won that,” Mansi said.

While Shelley Chapman has already been fully vaccinated. “I think it’s kind of sad that we’ve reached the point where we have to bribe people to do something like getting a vaccine. That can prevent the spread of the virus,” Chapman said. “What do we have to bribe people to do next? Additionally, the Winners will be chosen over the next five weeks. You can enter and register yourself for a chance to win big at

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