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Huntington Park is known for its baseball stadium, the stadium is located in Columbus, Ohio, United States. The baseball stadium is at the turn of the Neil Boulevard and Nationwide in the Arena District of Columbus. The stadium ground is about 99m both covering the left and the right field.


Huntington Park

The ground serves as a home of the Columbus Clippers of the International league, Triple A minor league and affiliate of the Cleveland Indians since 2009. The construction of the vast stadium was completed in April 2009. A startling fact about this stadium is that it was designed by almost 360 Architectures. The stadium has 10,100 seats for the spectators to enjoy the match. The stadium looks more attractive at night under the great beautiful sky and flashing lights of the stadium shining on the grounds of the fields is one thing that you cannot stop admiring.

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The first match in the stadium that ever played was by Columbus Clippers playing with Toledo Mud Hens in 2009. This place is the one to look for by the tourists if they have interest in baseball. You can always wear your favorite league’s t shirt and hold some banners to show support, if you want to enjoy the show, you should come on time to reserve your seat to be at ease for the rest of the show as the stadium gets really crowded even before the start of the match so you can imagine how crowded it will get once the show would start.

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The Stadium also serves food and drinks because the matches are usually played for a really long time so one can get hungry and the match can become tiring. The parking of the stadium is really vast, so you don’t have to worry about it, but you have to give $5 token money in the entrance of the stadium for parking your vehicle.

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The ticket price for one person costs in between$7 – $ 20 for the adults and the ticket price for the kids starts from $4- $7 but the prices of the tickets can always vary depending upon where you can get the seat in the stadium. So if you’re a sports lover do plan your visit to support your favorite team.

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