‘I want justice for my son’ demands the family of Alvin Motley, who was killed by Gas station Guard


The sad incident took place a few days back at Kroger gas station where the guard killed Alvin Motley over a loud music argument. In this regard, the family of Alvin talked to the reporters and said that ‘we want justice for our son’. While the family demands accountability for this incident.


'I want justice for my son' demands the family of Alvin Motley, who was killed by Gas station Guard

In addition, this incident of killing a black man named Alvin Motley at a Kroger gas station in Memphis over the weekend drew the attention of prominent civil rights lawyers and organizations, and family members of the murdered man told reporters Tuesday that Motley was semi-blind, unarmed and not posing a threat. A security guard is accused of arguing with 48-year-old Motley over loud music, then shooting him. Lawyers working with the family said they want immediate civil settlement negotiations with grocery giant Kroger and an offshore company that uses the security guard.

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While the state official said Tuesday afternoon that ranger Gregory Livingston was not licensed. “Mr Livingston was not and is not licensed as a security guard,” Kevin Walters, a spokesperson for the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance, wrote in an email. He wrote that Livingston had originally applied for an armed security guard license in 2017, but the registration card was not issued due to the applicant not meeting all requirements. Walters wrote that he was not authorized to do so. Livingston submitted a new application on August 2. “His application was denied due to a violation of the law to serve as an armed guard without a registration card,” Walters wrote. Now, let’s wait till the company responds to this incident.

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