If I have Found amount in my W-2 Box 12, what is it and is it added to my income?


According to the listed information and if you have an amount listed on W-2 Box 12. It could mean many things.  While the W-2 Box 12 codes deliver more information and control if the amount is income. Though, if any quantity represents total income, it is already included in W-2 Box 1. Each W2 Form box 12 token is either a single symbol or a double letter.


For your better understanding, we have mentioned the following information for you!

W2 Box 12 codes are:

A – Ungathered Social Security or RRTA tax on the tip. Comprise this tax on line 58 of Form 1040 of Schedule 4.

b – Medicare tax not composed of tips. Include this tax on line 58 of Form 1040 of Schedule 4.

C – Taxable costs of group life insurance for a term greater than $50,000 (included in boxes W-2 1.3 (up to Social Security wage basis), and Box 5.

D – An elective postponement under a cash 401(k) plan or preparation. This includes a simple 401(k) arrangement.

(e) in this section, if it comes under voluntary deferments under Section 403(b) salary reduction agreement. Or it could be optional deferments under section 408(k)(6) SEP.

  1. Optional adjournments and employer charities (including non-voluntary deferments) to Section 457(b) of the Deferred Compensation Plan.

h – Non-compulsory postponements to a tax-exempt society plan under Section 501(c)(18)(d).

j – Non-taxable sick pay (information only, not comprised in W-2 boxes 1, 3, or 5).

K – 20% selective tax on overpayment of Golden Parachute.

L – Compensation of the employee’s long-established business expenses (not subject to tax).

m – Ungathered Social Security or RRTA tax on the taxable cost of group life assurance for a term of more than $50,000 (former employees only).

N – Uncollected Medicare tax on the taxable price of group life assurance for a term of more than $50,000 (former employees only).

P – Payments for non-excluded carriage expenditures paid directly to a member of the US Armed Forces. (Not included in boxes 1, 3 or 5)

Q – Non-deductible battle pay See the orders for Form 1040 or Form 1040A for details on reporting this amount.

R – in this section if worker aids to an Archer’s Medical Savings Account (MSA). Report on Form 8853, Coyer Long-Term Medical Service Insurance Contracts and Long-Term Care Insurance Contracts.

S – Worker’s salary reduction contributions under Section 408(p) are simple. (Not included in box 1).

T – Compensations of implementation (not shown in Box 1). Complete Form 8839: Eligible Acceptance Expenses, to calculate any taxable and non-taxable amounts.

V – Income from exercising the no statutory stock option(s) (listed in boxes 1 and 3 (up to the Social Security pay base) and 5). See Periodical 525, Taxable and Non-Taxable Income, for reporting necessities.

d – Employer charities (including amounts the worker has chosen to donate using a Section 125 cafeteria plan) to your Health Savings Account (HSA).

Y – Postponements below Section 409A of the nonqualified deferred compensation plan.

Z – Income under a nonqualified deferred compensation plan that does not meet Section 409A. This amount is also included in Box 1 and is subject to a surcharge of 20% in addition to interest. See Form 1040 Instructions for more information.

AA – A chosen Roth influence under a 401(k) plan.

BB – Chosen Roth aids under a 403(b) plan.

CC – for employer use only.

DD – the cost of employer-sponsored health coverage.

EE – Roth Chosen Contributions under a 457(b) Government Scheme. This amount does not apply to contributions under a Section 457(b) plan for a tax-exempt organization.

FF – Reimbursements allowable under the Eligible Small Business Employer Health Payment Arrangement.

GG – Income from endowments of qualified stock under Section 83(i).

HH – Total adjournments under Section 83(i) selections as of the end of the calendar year.

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