Zero Hunger/ Zero Waste Foundation

It is crazy inside The Kroger World. This world has ups, it has downs but it never fails to stand firm on its ground. Almost every single day media is filled with breaking news caused by The Kroger Co. and this time it is something as big as a FOUNDATION. Yes, you heard it right! The bold plan of a foundation that Kroger took back in September 2017 has now made a huge impact on people’s lives and mind, now that a pandemic has taken over the world by a storm, the Zero Hunger/ Zero Waste foundation has helped in eradicating a lot of food waste. Since people are made to re-think that what they have is limited and they can re-use the waste, it now has changed the whole perspective. This foundation was made to eradicate waste by the year 2025. A recent survey has proved the foundation to be a huge success in the year 2020 and it is for following reasons:
  • The shoppers get to enjoy meal with their loved ones. Meals at home? Never not, better!
  • Nearly 3 out of 4 people are at home, making meals for themselves and THAT TOO easy to make.
  • 35% of people strongly agree that they are conscious of food. (Things only a pandemic could do.)


In my opinion, it is beautiful when people collaborate and help each other especially when it is such a huge project that helps millions. I guess that is the main secret to success – TOGETHERNESS. Well, the customers can help Kroger by rounding up their payments every time they purchases things from their store, they can also donate whatever amount of money they want to. (There is not term like too much money.) Kroger Related Posts:

Kroger’s help to its Customers

Kroger is a reliable organisation. That also provides help to its customers (no wonder why it is so successful.) Keeping its customers hand in hand, Kroger is there TO SAVE THE DAY. It has launched helplines where people can call up for free advices. The tips include fridge organising, waste-free meals and planner also; we can extract online help from , CONVENIENT, RIGHT?

Supplier’s help

With food industry being in under a lot of stress, the food world has arranged things for its own benefit. A recent pandemic has shown the world that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. Therefore, for the sake of filling their stomachs people have started taking precautions along with big companies as well. Kroger announced that 16 of its suppliers have joined the program, to cut food waste and reduce food loss. These are BIG companies. In addition, you know what happens when big companies merge, right? Well, it sure is a sight to see. Some of them are:
  • Amy’s
  • Chobani
  • Driscoll’s
  • Flower Food. Inc.
  • High liner foods
  • Impossible foods
  • Rich products corporation
More Kroger Reads: All these companies and many other who have collaborated with Kroger have targeted 50% of a reduction rate.  They are making strategies to reduce any further waste in the future. Well, THE FUTURE DOES SEEM BRIGHT, DON’T IT? Food is one of the major things that a human has to have for a survival. If there is no food, there is no mark of humans. Therefore, it is important for us to reduce food waste and re-use it if or whenever we can. In addition, in my opinion, Kroger has done absolutely the best with this campaign. With the other big names combined with it, I think this world can now be a better place to live. Related Kroger Posts: