Instacart partners with Best Buy to provide same-day delivery


Instacart is an American company that provides grocery delivery and pickup service throughout Canada and America. The organization has decided to expand its business and provide a platform other than grocery delivery. In other words, Intsacart has stepped out of its comfort zone and set foot in an entirely different world.


The grocery and electronic giant Best Buy and the famous platform Instacart released news regarding their partnership on Tuesday. As a result of this agreement between the two parties, Instacart will provide instant same-day delivery of Best Buy products covering every state and county in the US. Moreover, Instacart will be dealing with Best Buy stores at every location in the country.  Even if you live in an isolated area leave it up to Instacart to deliver your products at your doorstep from the nearest Best Buy retail outlet.

This partnership is a milestone for Instacart which has expanded its horizon to the delivery of products of all sorts. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the demand for the fast delivery of various daily household items, food, or even necessities of life has aggravated. Best Buy, through engaging in this deal with Intsacart will witness a steep increase in their sales since they have hired another company with resources to manage the delivery aspect of their business. It is a win-win situation for both Best Buy and Instacart.

If you order a product from Best Buy at the moment the delivery will be fulfilled by USPS, UPS, and FedEx. These services although top-notch have slightly delayed delivery times unless of course, the consumer pays an extra amount of money for express delivery. Same day delivery service can be financially exhausting for retailers. Fortunately, in this case, Instacart has got Best Buy covered.

Best Buy can utilize Instacart’s services and provide shipping at a considerably lower cost. An individual can easily browse through the Best Buy website and place their orders. An Intsacart employee can pick it up and deliver it to the customer’s house within a few hours.

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