Internal Revenue Service (IRS): How do you attach a W2 form to your tax return?


These are the one of the various responses to this question – this is related to IRS staffs- not actually attached by them, it’s just a brief side of regarding the employer’s form W-2 in a file. 


The point is that the 1040 commands it to must secure the form W-2 right in the front of the file’s return also the form 1040 too as it’s important, surrounding all the way to central sliding down to the left side of the hand where it mentions, to clip up the form W-2, just casually placing the envelope is not so professional to do as it would look so rough and not neat.

It has to be attached by a reliable clipping to the form, like sticking it with the bundle of pages, in short the pages should grip up all together just like that.

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