Investigators: fraud rampant in the Mid-South; The woman is threatened after she accepts a fake job

In 2020, seems like everything is going bumpy and rough. Recently, one job seeker reported a fake job after she was scammed and accepted a fake job! More details below!

Furthermore, Southerners who are reluctant to wait for emergency services. It seems that he used them in searches that were used in criminal operations until it was too late.

The correspondent said, “Since COVID-19, I didn’t want her to run somewhere, that was the best opportunity.” “I thought it was a blessing.”  It turned out to be a curse. She wants to reveal her identity because of the person on the other end. At first, everything seemed legitimate. After applying, she did a 30-minute phone interview and accepted the job.

You got an award got a 10K gold, you got a good chance. Repackaged, as instructed, and shipped. “They said, ‘So far you are doing well. Then the business owner requested her business account information. On which she refused and he angered.

Memphis, Tennessee (WMC) – Mid-South residents looking for safe work programs during the pandemic are among the victims of recruitment fraud. It seems that he used them in searches that were used in criminal operations until it was too late. She told the investigators: “When I get upset, I said, OK, let me call an office and check it, and nothing will be published.” After this news so many workers complained that they have been offered and accepted so many fake jobs during the pandemic.

In most serve cases it can turn into money laundering for organized crime, too. The victim’s mother called investigators who arrived at the site.

An official website wrote in an e-mail message to a website that uses a variety of reports to review the ads used on their relevance sites, and “encourage posting sites about creating a suspicious job ads site for us, or if you feel their posts illustrate this.” The investigators have warned not to sign up for any mysterious jobs and should report them. Let us know your thoughts on it in the comment section below!

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