Is it a Good Idea to Work at Kroger?

Kroger Company has around 2,757 stores around America in a total, as of 2020. These stores include pharmacies, bakeries, and grocery stores. The company is a large chain that needs employees in a very large number. These stores have been tested by quite a lot of Americans as a workplace. Below you will find many reviews on Kroger as an employer force.

What is w2 and why it is necessary?

W2 is a form of wage and tax statement. It is a document that an employer has to send to all employees no matter what. It is sent at the end of the year each year, most commonly before 31st January. This document is sent to the Internal Revenue Services (IRS) as well. This document holds all the information about the employee’s annual wage and all the taxes that were withheld by the employer. As the w2 document is sent to IRS, a similar document w3 is sent to the Social Security Administration (SSA), who calculates the number of social security benefits an employee is to receive. W2 employer responsibilities are a big deal and something that cannot be taken lightly.

Does Kroger pay social security w2?

Kroger is known to pay social security w2 on time every year. They send out mails to those who opted for offline mailing and also online for others. Kroger is fast and steady in this area. There is a w2 mailed right after the year you quit your job, as it holds information of your last year’s wages. Similarly, other companies also send out w2 on time such as lowes’ w2, Home depot’s w2, Safeway’s w2, and many more. Kroger Related Posts:

Procedure for mailing paychecks during COVID-19

The company took action for employee payments right after COVID-19 started. As the times got rough for many families during this pandemic, Kroger did no let down its employees. They partnered with ExpressPay for payments in advance. This got shared on the internet as “ExpressPay Kroger”. This is a new service and many people had their queries shared on different forums. ExpressPay is a service that the company uses to send early payments to employees on daily basis. The payment is according to the hours you worked on a particular day. The reward for those hours will be available in your ExpressPay account at the end of the day. Once you have access to the money in your account, you can transfer it to your bank account easily. The amount that is left in your account will be paid to you on the normal payday.

Reviews by Ex-Employees

Kroger Reviews by Ex-Employees 1 As this review states, this former employee had no problem working for Kroger. They found all the associates cordial and helpful. Kroger Reviews by Ex-Employees 2 This review does not look so good for the company. It shows that as a company they are very demanding without any help. If you want to give your work life a kick start then this company may just be the right place. Kroger Reviews by Ex-Employees 3 For our third reviewer, this company was not so bad to work at. The people were not exactly friendly but the management was thoughtful and empathetic. The income you receive is more based on seniority or work time at a particular company instead of vigilance and ability. More Kroger Reads:

Is it just a job to start your work life?

If I base my theory on the reviews I read on different forums, then I say that Kroger is a company that can teach you a lot about work-life. Their wages are not high and they do not provide many benefits, thus if you’re a part-time worker or a teenager balancing school and work, then this may be the right job for you. It can also teach you the difference between good and bad employers.  As the facts state, every branch depends on management. If you go for a job interview, don’t forget to check out the management’s helpfulness.

Some incidents narrated by employees

Incident 1

An anonymous shared it on a site ( They shared their experience of how they had to learn all the things by themselves. They lead walked them through some basic stuff on the like usual. On the first day, they served customers. The second day went smoothly as well. The third day was not a lucky day for them. What happened was that 2 other employees called in and left them with a slacker. As the anonymous message said, this particular slacker left for home right 2 hours before closing. They were not trained to close and had to do what they thought was right. The next day people started talking bad about them because some of the stuff was wrong. Since then, this person started putting their initials on everything they did so that nobody could blame them again. After getting trained to work themselves, everyone suddenly wanted to teach them how to do certain stuff the right way. Related Kroger Posts:

Incident 2

This incident was posted on the same forum as the last one. This employee told their story about Kroger’s “very diligent” management. They commented on their vigilance and leadership skills. The day they were working on was a very busy day. Lines were merging into each other at the check stand. There were even lines made to “A line”. The store was completely swamped with customers. 3 checkers were on the stand and the narrator was on courtesy clerk duties. The narrator told that the lot was empty of carts and they kept calling for checkout help. The management was busy in their office playing with a woody action figure, making it talk over the loudspeaker with 2 other clerks. These poor employees were left on their own to work it out. In the end, they said that it was much busier when they left for home. The assistant station manager even dared to blame these workers of a complaining customer. The ASM sad that they sent the customer to her to complain.


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