Is it a Good Time to invest in Kroger Stock Market Today?


This may come to you as a surprise but despite what the latest stock market news may say about Kroger store’s decrease in the stock market, it just may be a good time to invest in it. Though the Kroger stock market does not give you revenue of millions or trillions it is a stable market.

Stock Market and Kroger

On September 23, 2019, the stock market NYSE: KR was 25.78 with a volume of 18 710 264. Since then to today, September 21, 2020, this exact stock market has gone upwards to NYSE: KR 33.49 with a volume of 32 338 056. The stock market has shown quite a large number of increases in its change of price, which would be 30.11% in its price.

is it a good time to invest in Kroger Company

Berkshire Hathaway and Kroger Stock

In February 2020, Warren Buffett, owner of Berkshire Hathaway (owner of more than 60 other companies including insurer Geico, battery maker Duracell and restaurant chain Dairy Queen and many more), invested in Kroger stock market by buying about 19 million shares. These 19 million shares are nearly worth around $549 million. Thereafter, many companies followed in Buffett’s footsteps and ran to invest in Kroger Co. This little push pushed the Kroger stocks 5% upwards.

Covid-19 Pandemic and Kroger stocks

As the times worsened for the investors during this rising pandemic, all investors ran to put their stocks in a safe market. Many stock markets fell and had to pay revenue to investors in millions. As the Kroger store is a grocery store that sells essentials and daily routine products, they instantly became a safe-haven for these investors. According to the latest stock market news, Kroger may not be a huge growth stock market but it also cannot be deemed as a dead stock market. As of 2020 September, Kroger can also be known as a target stock. The target market for Kroger seems to be virtual and not physical.

Growth Rate of Kroger stocks

We have already established that Kroger stocks are a safe-haven for investors and a stable market. Due to the pandemic, many businesses worldwide turned towards digitalization. a whole lot of businesses including shops and bakeries became virtual. Due to this turnover, many companies and industries fell behind. As the Kroger market was already an online market, hence, it grew a lot more. It had shown about a 22% growth in sales by the start of the coronavirus. Therefore, it happened to steal the stock market with a rapid increase.

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Even with this rapid increase in the stock market, there’s still a lot at stake. Kroger may have stolen the market but it still does not give enough revenue. This market may be able to double your investments but tripling or quadrupling seems quite peculiar.

Increase or Decrease in Annual revenue 2019 vs. 2020

Net Income$3.11B$0.819B175.76% increase
Gross Profit$26.749B$6.938B12.61% increase
Revenue$121.852B$30.489B8.24% increase
EPS$3.76$1.03178.38% increase
Shares Outstanding0.818B0.786B2.36% decline

As this table clearly shows, there has been an increase in the revenue by 8.24% since 2019. The net income of Kroger Company showed an increase to 175.76%. According to this table, Kroger company showed intense growth during the pandemic. The question that still arises is will this market still be stable once the pandemic ends?

Will this market still be stable once the pandemic ends?

The Kroger market showed a huge increase but the question still arises about Kroger Company’s future. Many people have adopted this lifestyle of technology and online shopping. Once the coronavirus ends, we may see more people out on roads than on devices. As a buyer, after shopping online for 6 months, we have gotten very used to it but on the other hand also very suffocated. Life after Covid-19 may change a lot of habits of many people. For those who are busy in everyday life may find this market a useful place. If in case this market does fall in the coming times, it will have to pay revenue to investors in millions or billions. Hence, this stock market does not seem to be a long-term market. You may see a downfall of about 10 to 20% in the stock exchange of Kroger Company post-COVID-19.

Will buyers continue online shopping?

Buyers who are too busy to shop physically may be very pleased with this technology. If all we do became virtual during COVID-19, we have a hope that soon in the future things really might turnover and we may see an increase in technological and virtual advancements. Buyers have been spending there time very dividedly. They spend time working and also shopping on the side. This may just become a future worldwide. If people do start to get all businesses online then I do not think that investing in Kroger stocks may be a bad option for a stable future, not the present.

Companies to invest in 2020 with the best stock markets

The companies to invest in 2020 with the best stock markets, by Sean Williams, have been said to be:

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These companies seem to be increasing quite rapidly and also give more revenue than Kroger stock market. If you want an instant increase then these companies deem to be best for investment.

Should you or shouldn’t invest in Kroger markets?

An investor looks for nothing but a better future in the stock market. If we talk about the recent future, that’s 3 or 4 months from now, Kroger seems to be a very good investment option. Though on the other hand if we look at a few years from now when all things and life turn back to a normal routine again, Kroger stocks may not be the target market. On the other hand, if we go a few more years further, we do have a future in advanced technology.