Is Kroger closing more stores in Ralphs due to mandated risk payment?


According to the news, it is coming in our notice that Kroger will be closing more stores. In fact, Kroger shuts at least two Ralphs grocery stores in Los Angeles in May due to mandating a “risk allowance” in the city. This is an unpleasant surprise for many customers and employees as well who will lose their jobs.


In addition, few customers expressed their concerns and said that “What?? will they just close the store? Customer Bora Kim asked, “Ralphs will shut down.” Grocery workers will receive an additional $ 5 every hour “hero wage,” as decided by Los Angeles City Council.

Is Kroger closing more stores in Ralphs due to mandated risk payment

While, one customer said that with a lot of groceries, walks up to Ralph, she says, because it’s “safe.” She said, “There is nothing near my house.” Alexa Roe, who also didn’t hear about the shutdown until we told her, is disappointed. “It’s going to be a big problem. I think I’ll have to drive somewhere,” she said. Pico-Robertson Ralphs will close its doors on May 15 and LA Ralphs will close again and Food-4-Less as well. Cincinnati-based Kroger, which owns the chain, blames LA’s COVID-19 “risk allowance.” An additional five dollars an hour to the staff. The city council issued the decree a few weeks ago. “That’s what messed up. I don’t want to swear, but I don’t want to swear by that!” Rowe said.

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While, United Food and Commercial Workers (UCFW) says Kroger’s income has already skyrocketed, company-wide, after a full year of buying home groceries across the country! “No other company pays the risk premium; this is the shutdown. Only Kroger,” said Cathy Fenn, of UCFW. “From $ 1.5 billion to $ 2.6 billion made profits last year.” The unions say workers deserve it because they put their lives on the line. Two stores in Long Beach are closed due to Hero’s payment authorization. Ted Chen February 3, 2021. One longtime customer told us, “There is no way to do a supermarket that serves kosher fast food.” She says that she simply does not believe it. If there is a performance issue here, we cannot confirm it. We reached out to representatives of the Ralphs in Los Angeles and the Kroger Company on the East Coast for comment, but there was no response from either of them.

Furthermore, “Kroger’s CEO gets compensation of $ 21 million. I mean, that’s not true!” Said Ralph’s employee, David Lowe. Louie has been in the store since the day it opened. He will be among the 250 other employees whose future with the company is now on hold. Another employee, Brittany Bucknight, was only there a year ago. “It was tough – especially now that this has happened,” she said. The union attempted to deliver a letter of request and petition to keep the store open after the rally, but Ralph’s managers quickly walked away. What is your take on this? Let us know in the comment section below!

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