Is Kroger & other Grocery Retails Taking Responsibility of their workers in pandemic?


Covid-19 have made everyone’s lives more difficult and newer normal is quite difficult to adjust. You might have adjusted but the frontline grocery workers who are working day and night to feed the nation is not on easy path. As, they have to face the death on daily basis. Now, if we talk about the responsibility of grocery chains like Walmart and Kroger for the deaths of their workers during the pandemic?


As we have reported in our previous blog about death toll rate about Kroger grocery workers. At least 158 ​​grocery store workers have died from Covid-19, according to estimates by the International Food and Commercial Workers’ Federation. Family members left behind are now calling on employers like Walmart and Kroger to refuse to admit responsibility for the deaths and illnesses of their employees.

Is Kroger & other Grocery Retails Taking Responsibility of their workers in pandemic

Here’s what the family of the Kroger workers have to say about the their loss!  “I wouldn’t say Kroger and Walmart killed my brother,” said Angela MacMiller of her brother Philip Thomas, who died in the early months of the pandemic. “But did they help him? No, not at all.” Last spring, companies were slow to implement mask mandates and failed to adequately implement them.

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Families of those who died confirm that grocery chains also failed to alert employees about potential exposure to Covid-19, and were reluctant to disclose case numbers. Meanwhile, the federal agency in charge of workplace safety oversight has speeded up slow inspections and failed to enforce its own guidelines. As one of the defenders of the worker said: “It was a true abdication of responsibility.” Now, what are your take of this? Let us know in the comment section below!

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